The girls bedroom just got an upgrade!

It’s been just over a year since I made the very impulsive & wacky decision to merge my girls into sharing a bedroom. At the time I thought it would be a disaster with Annabelle only being a year old, and it’s had its moments with teething and screams in the wee hours. Even times of Annabelle getting up to crawl in next to her big sister, which, even though is super cute…Ellie didn’t think so at 3am.

Now a year on the girl’s possessions are growing and their room just seems to feel smaller & smaller. So the time came when I thought bunk beds could be our next step. It would even put Ellie up & out of the way from a very cuddly, nose pinching toddler at 3am.

I follow a ‘free to good home’ page on Facebook & it just so happened one of my ‘School Gate Mum’ pals was giving away a set of bunk bed frames, and BOOM before I knew it they were being dropped off. Lifesaver! She saved us a lot of money too which just made it all so much more awesome. All I needed to buy was a mattress for Belle, as her little toddler bed one was due to be put out to pasture. I was pretty lucky and snuck into the January sales and got a superb mattress for a quarter of the price. My #operationbunkbed plans where all coming together nicely.

Now all that was left to do was assemble them…

It turned out well, not exactly how I envisioned it would look but its the best it’s going to look due to what they have & their layout. So I guess at some point the layout will grow on me. Unless one day I crack and just shuffle everything about until my slightly OCD nature is content with it.

DSC_7586DSC_7591DSC_7594DSC_7593DSC_7603 DSC_7607DSC_7606DSC_7618DSC_7619DSC_7621 DSC_7622 DSC_7625

It was a tricky business to make the room both Annabelles & Ellies. Giving Annabelle her little girl things to enjoy & making sure Ellie has her pre-teen feel to the room too. Making sure both of the girls had possessions sprinkling the room to make it their own. But I think we cracked it.

Other than Ellies one request to line her top bunk wall with posters, of her choice of course.
So that will be the next touch to the bedroom and I’m excited to see what my little nerd will pick to personalize her part of the room a little more.



  1. Morna piper
    02/03/2015 / 12:17 PM

    It looks great and so tidy! You are very brave- my monkeys are only 20 months apart but I can’t face the thought of putting them in together – far too much nonsense whenever we’ve tried it!

  2. 02/03/2015 / 12:34 PM

    I think you did a great job. My oldest loves Diary of a Wimpy kid books too. I didn’t know there was only a week between our little ones either. Such a gorgeous room, well done x

  3. 04/03/2015 / 12:23 PM

    Gorgeous xx

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