Teletubbies are back!

I can remember back when my eldest son {now 16} was just a tot and loved the Teletubbies. He was my firstborn and being able to actually sit for 5 minutes as he was transfixed and happy was a blessing to a first-time parent. Now, with my three-year-old it’s pretty cool seeing her love the Teletubbies as much as her oldest Brother did when he was little. So naturally I am just as excited as she is about them making a comeback!

Which leads me to this…
Teletubbies new release - Super busy mum I received a super top secret box the other day and sadly nothing can be revealed until you pop back for the unveiling come January 11th! So, if you have a little Teletubbies fan in the house {or your curious & nosy like a majority of the human race} then make sure you pop back for my review post on the 11th January!
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Do you have a Teletubbies fan at home?



  1. Jenna Michelle Pink
    06/01/2016 / 9:59 PM

    Bear loves the teletubies 🙂

    I dislike the new ones though so I make him watch the old ones on you tube. The new ones are overly saturated :-/

  2. Lisa Jackson
    07/01/2016 / 6:40 PM

    My son also 16 was obsessed with the the Teletubbies. I watched an old episode with my daughter and she was mesmerised 🙂

  3. 10/01/2016 / 8:51 PM

    I remember watching the telly tubbies with my eldest many years ago too ( she is 13) and she use to love it. My little two aged 1 & 2 seen it the other day for the first time and were transfixed to the screen xx

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