How technology has changed the way we apply for jobs

How technology haschanged the way weapply for jobs...
New technology has changed almost every aspect of our lives and, for the most part, that has been for the better. Innovation and convenience have been hand in hand, with many things that used to be a chore now proving much simpler. So, what about applying for jobs? It’s something we all need to do and causes a great many people stress.


A great many of the things that are part and parcel of the digital age have been enabled by the development of the internet. Communication in particular in much quicker now thanks to the world wide web and that has paid dividends for job seekers. It is now possible to upload a CV to a recruitment site and fire off applications with the mere click of a button. Not only can dozens of applications be sent in the time it would previously take to do just one, but replies are much speedier too. Add that to the developments in mobile technology, which mean we can also send and receive emails on the go, and the whole process of hunting for a job has become much faster.


With ease and speed has, though, come greater competition. Anyone with an internet connection – which these days means almost anyone – can search for jobs right across the country and beyond. That means you can find yourself competing with candidates from far and wide. Graduate jobs, for example, received an average of 39 applications each in 2014.


The competition for positions also leaves recruiters with a potential headache. That’s where recruitment companies have risen in prominence, using specialist knowledge to match people with the right job. Take EduStaff, for example. This is a recruitment company provides the expertise required to cater for the wide varieties of specialists in the education sector.


In days gone by companies had little choice over where to market their vacancies. Valuable column inches had to be snapped up within the realms of newspaper pullouts and the like. Now, however, while it still pays to reach out to websites that have replaced the newsprint, companies have the option to promote their vacancies on their own websites.


Those self-same websites can also be a great resource for job seekers. Features such as ‘About Us’ pages – like this one – allow candidates to glean vital information they can use to inform their applications and interview preparation.


The modern job seeker is now able to use technology to promote themselves more than ever before. With tools such as LinkedIn and social media, people can reach out and show themselves to be a suitable person to ‘invest in’. Websites and blog can also be a perfect way for someone to showcase their talents, giving them tangible proof of their credentials to send off to a recruiter. That way companies are able to use this technology to do their research on candidates just as candidates do their research on the companies.

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