Summer Holidays & what we couldn’t do without!

This year we were very lucky to work alongside Eurocamp & we got to have a family holiday {when there was no plans to originally go on one!} in the glorious surroundings of France. Going on a Family Holiday can feel like it’s more stress than relaxation & fun but I think on a whole, it’s all worth it for the experience and memories you make together as a family whilst there.
IMG_20150512_214428As the Captain of the helm, so to speak, it’s essentially my job to do all of the paperwork, make sure EVERYTHING we need is packed. I know if you forget a few things, most likely, they can be bought wherever your going. But when you have kids in tow, especially a toddler, I like to make sure we have everything we could possibly need to make, not only the journey but our stay there as smooth as possible.

Now speaking of making sure we didn’t forget anything, I suppose for each of us going we don’t want to leave behind one particular thing.
For me, it would be my mobile phone. I couldn’t live without it. Well, no, I could! Just not very happy! Not only as a snap happy parent, I’m also a blogger. So if I’m not snapping, I’m sharing photos on my social media channels, checking emails and even blogging when the chance arises.

For my darling man, it would have to be sun lotion. He burns. Like, BURNS! If the sun blew in his general direction he’d go a little red {I kid you not!}. So for him, he couldn’t live without sun lotion when we go away on our jollies.

For my 10yr old daughter, it would be a good book & sunglasses that she couldn’t leave behind. I think she’s secretly a little sun worshipper. She loves nothing more than relaxing by the pool, sunnies on and a good book to enjoy!
IMG_20150512_165047My 6yr old son he honestly couldn’t live without his swimming goggles when going on holiday. He’s insistent that he just can’t go swimming without them. So he’ll pack his own, and I’ll also pack him a spare pair {in case his ones so mysteriously missing – it’s happened before!}.

Holidaying with a toddler is an experience, shall we say! Ha! But the one thing we could never ever in a million years forget for her would be a portable DVD player. Mainly for the travelling aspect really. But it keeps her calm, keeps her happy {what toddler likes to sit still for 3+hrs on a flight!} & therefore makes the experience a lot more enjoyable for everything I think.
IMG_20150519_121112So there you have it, our items that we just couldn’t live without when we go on holiday. A mobile phone. Sun lotion. A good book. Sunglasses. Swimming goggles & a portable DVD player. 

According to a survey these were the top ten responses:

The Sun 11.7%
Sun Lotion 10.8%
A good book 6.4%
Mobile phone 5.5%
Good food 4.3%
Money 4.0%
Sunglasses 3.4%
Water 3.1%
Alcohol 3.0%
My partner 2.1%

What are the items that YOU couldn’t live without on a Summer Holiday!?

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