My story of hope with Oxfam

As a Mother, we are faced with lots of trials, tribulations, hurdles and more. Raising our children is rewarding, but hard work {none of us can deny that!} but sometimes obstacles are thrown onto our paths; such as financial struggles, the breakdown of a marriage, the loss of a family member etc. But for this post in particular and my little Annabelle, it’s a speech delay. So this is my story of hope for my littlest girl, and my hopes for her overcoming her speech delay in time for big girl school.

When my little girl was born, regardless of the inability to breastfeed her efficiently and her lack of speaking as she got older; it took until one month before she turned three, {three!} for her severe tongue tie to be picked up. I remember being asked by her Health visitor {at, what was meant to be her second-year check-up} if I had any concerns – so obviously I piped up about her lack of speech. She did a few tests with my daughter and after simply asking her to stick out her tongue, Annabelle, of course being unable to, she said: “she has a severe tongue tie”. As simple as that it was detected, but where did that leave my daughter with regards to her being able to speak?

Her lack of speech came with a lot of frustration, lots of afternoons wishing it was bedtime as my toddler lay on the ground at the school gates, crying & screaming in anger. Her lack of speech was a real struggle, there was zero communication there. I mean, she understood us perfectly, just…it was us who couldn’t understand her and that was the real struggle. Of course, over time we developed our own method to communicate and that was the start of our journey to help our daughter to speak.

If I’m honest, speech & development therapy at our local health centre weren’t great, in fact, they were rubbish and they saw her once over a 6 month period. Once. So we decided to be her sounding board, the help she needed in order to learn those sounds and words in a hope to prepare her for big girl school in September 2017. Now, we’re by no means qualified but we did so much research, watched endless speech delay tip videos on youtube and do you know what; we started making progress.

Annabelle couldn’t speak a single pronounced word in January 2016, as that’s when she was diagnosed with her severe tongue tie. Now, just 11mths since being told about her tongue tie; we’ve not only stretched that tie to no longer be an issue but we’ve broken down so many communicative barriers and we can now fully communicate with each other. Sure, she’s still got a long way to go, especially with her “f” & “v” sounds, which we can’t seem to crack! So if you have any tips, we’d really appreciate it. But the distance she has come since the beginning of the year has been astounding and we’re so so proud of all of her hard work.
Of course, having her in pre-school has helped massively since September, so we have high hopes come June 2017 that she will be more than ready to take on her first year in Primary school.

I have lots of hopes for all of my children, however, my main hope right now is for that littlest lady of mine to be ready for her next school journey next Autumn.

However, it being Christmas….a charitable time of year for lots of different reasons; I guess in a way all of us have our own stories of hope.

Kitabe’s Story of Hope – Kitabe, who works on her family farm in Bulbula, Ethiopia with no hopes for her future after having to leave school in first grade and being forced into an arranged marriage.

Times got harder with her family being poor and food being scarce, so when Kitabe joined up to Oxfam’s project by taking out a loan of 10,000 Birr – the equalivant of £324; Kitabe was able to buy more seeds for her crops and after her first harvest, she was not only able to pay back her loan in full but she was also able to buy more land. Kitabe also bought a cow and an ox, which provided her with an extra source of income allowing her to pay for additional labourers on her farm. 

Kitabe, had a lifetime’s worth of dark days and with the help of Oxfam, she has been able to turn her life around and provide a brighter future for herself & her children.

Poverty is a huge issue so if you can make a donation, even something small would change someone’s life somewhere in the world with the helping hand from Oxfam.


*This is a sponsored post.


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