Staying active & shaking off those Autumn/Winter blues!

I have said it before, but these colder months of the year make me want to fill my cheeks full of food and hideaway until the Spring. But, sadly, we cannot do that and therefore need some sort of stimulation to stay active and to shake off those Autumn & Winter blues.

It’s so easy to get into a comfortable routine which involves you living in your fuzzy pyjamas and being fueled by hot drinks – which I know, sounds like heaven – especially when the temperature outside isn’t too inviting. As a family, however, we are trying to shake off those cosy temptations {at least during the daytime!} and to get ourselves out for those brisk walks together. 

Getting out together is so incredibly important and for so many reasons; the main one being to shake off those Winter blues! It could be to shake off the cabin fever if there have been a few days {in a row} of rain. Which, when you live in N.Ireland this is a regular occurrence – especially during the Autumn & Winter months!

It could be to do something as mediocre as popping to the shops for some dinner essentials {and perhaps some cheeky evening movie must-haves!}. Or it could be because, like me, who don’t get to have that good old-fashioned ‘out & about’ quality time with your family during this time of the year. Fenetic Wellbeing has kickstarted an #AutumnStrolls campaign to get you thinking about how you can stay active if you need a walking aid during the colder months and dodge the dreaded Winter blues. 

There are so many simple & fun ways to stay active both indoors & outdoors – so here are a few of our favourites;


  • Have a nerf gun war – this is a personal favourite in our house. We all run around, staying warm and getting some exercise as well as having fun. 
  • Have a dance party – another favourite in the Super Busy Mum household! Nothing quite as fun as blasting some music and just letting yourself go to the music. 
  • Sweep your floor with a little more vigour, same with hoovering. Not as fun as dancing or having a nerf battle but at least the house will be tidy! 


  • Go for a nice walk before {or after} dinner. Or perhaps walk to your local garden centre, like we do! It’s so incredibly festive at this time of year.
  • Check out any local Autumn/Winter activities; ice skating or even visit a local trampoline park.
  • Rake the leaves up in your garden and get the kids in to help, too!

What do you do through the colder months, to stay active? 

*This is a collaborative post with Fenetic Wellbeing



  1. 21/11/2017 / 1:10 PM

    Absolutely loving these creative ideas! It’s amazing how many calories you can burn without even realising it when you’re engaged with Nerf combat or going for a tranquil walk in the park! I also love to stuff my face around this time of year (Christmas food is too hard to resist!) so this was the perfect post for me to read!

    Abbey x

  2. 22/11/2017 / 10:56 AM

    Great ideas – I’ve started swimming lessons as I can do breaststroke but my crawl is rubbish – it’s been really good having something booked that I have to go to!

  3. Jake Ferrer
    26/11/2017 / 1:06 PM

    I always do a dance party. And some of this are really great tips. Will try some of this.

  4. 27/11/2017 / 5:03 PM

    Great ideas! I always try to get out with my camera or even my mobile to photograph the winter days, as there can be beauty in it all. It helps me get out and active.

  5. 29/11/2017 / 11:40 AM

    A nice long wintery walk after a Sunday lunch, is the perfect activity for me! I love getting out in the fresh air and brushing away the cobwebs x

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