How to brighten up your garden for Spring & Summer

Could your garden do with a little sprucing up now that the warmer weather has arrived, after sitting cold and neglected since the leaves left their branches in October? If so, here are some great ways of brightening up your outdoor space for the upcoming season, without any need for landscapers, skips or strenuous days spent on your knees with a trowel…

Fill your hanging baskets with colour

If those hanging baskets are looking a little tired and unloved it might be time to cull the plant life already in the soil and replace it with something new, fresh and colourful.

You don’t even need to purchase expensive planters. Simple plastic hanging baskets can be filled to the brim with colourful seasonal flowers such as hydrangea, pansies and ivy for a classic look – throw in some daffodils to mix things up. Go for vibrant purples and yellows to create a striking display.

Revamp furniture

If your garden furniture is looking a little tired, brighten it with an easy to do revamp – a lick of paint and a coating of varnish can instantly spruce things up. Take that old garden bench, scrub it down with sandpaper (or get fancy with an electric sander) and then top it up with some bright coloured paint.

Stay away from the traditional brown look, go for bright yellow or a vibrant pink and introduce some bold colours to your garden this spring.

Paint your planters

Forget the dull terracotta planter looks of the past, it’s time to get that paintbrush out again and brighten things up with a coat of paint on those brown pots. A neon pink pot here and a bright blue glazed pot there topped off with some bright plants on top, will instantly add some colour to your space. Here are some great ideas on how to decorate your pots with paint.

Repurpose old tiles

Do you have some colourful broken tiles lying around that you’ve been meaning to get crafty with? Then they can be used to create beautiful stepping stones for your garden. With just a cake pan, some concrete and some broken tiles and glass you can create some stunning, unusual and colourful stepping stones to feature in your garden. Try out this tutorial detailing step-by-step instructions on how to create your own.

Get creative with gravel

Gravel needn’t be that dull mix of stones you see on driveways, you can pick up slate or pea gravel in a variety of shades now – from emerald green to brilliant white to even violet shades – that can be scattered around plants in the garden to brighten things up and add some much needed colour to your outdoor space.

Get rid of the shade

If your garden is particularly small and features tall trees and bushes along the edges, you could be cutting out much of the sunshine that makes your garden bright. Get the hedge trimmer out and cut down the height of these plants and let in some more sunshine throughout the longer days in spring. Your garden will thank you for it!

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