Why Spring cleaning is still important…

whyspringcleaning is still important
Do you carry out a spring clean in your house? Perhaps not…possibly, it’s a tradition that is beginning to fade away, especially given that it’s a ritual that has its roots in yesteryear. And, with an abundance of appliances and cleaning products available all year round, what’s so special about spring cleaning anyway? Well, plenty actually…

Where does Spring Cleaning come from?

Spring cleaning has historically been performed in the days when our homes were heated by messy, open fireplaces. Picture dim rooms, a thick layer of dust and stale air within a house that’s been closed for too long and you’ll have an idea of how things might have looked! Understandably, homes were kept sealed over winter to ward off drafts and damp, but this meant that soot and grime often accumulated on walls, floors, and furnishings. Spring, therefore, was the perfect time for throwing open the windows, cleaning out the chimneys and giving the home a thorough scrubbing down.

Spring cleaning can also be traced back to many ancient cultural and religious practices. For instance, spring cleaning happens at the same time as Jewish Passover (a festival marking the exodus of Jews from Egypt), takes place at the same time Christians celebrate the resurrection of Christ at Easter, and also happens as the Chinese New Year begins when people sweep their floors to rid themselves of the bad luck and misfortune that may have accumulated over the year.

So, is spring cleaning outdated for modern times?

In short? No! Whilst many of us no longer observe a religion and rely on clean central heating systems, a spring clean could be exactly what your home needs. Doubtless you’ve been pushing the hoover round for the past few months anyway, but there’s nothing like longer days and springtime sunshine to highlight all the dust and dirt on surfaces you thought were clean in dimmer days! Besides, with extra sunlight and therefore, the reduced production of melatonin, you’ll have enough extra energy to want to tackle the state of your home.

Will I feel good for giving my house a spring clean?

Yes! With daffodils, nice weather and lambs in the fields, spring marks a time for renewal and regeneration. What better way to mark spring’s arrival than to refresh and reinvigorate your house? In essence, spring cleaning is something to do because it’s more of a ritual than a chore. Clean your rugs, bedding, curtains, furnishings, and upholstery, as well as all the surfaces (and yes, that does mean moving all the furniture to get the hoover round the back!) and you’ll get a strong sense of satisfaction. By shaking the house from top to bottom, getting rid of clutter and leaving every surface sparkling from the foundations to the rooftop, you’ll feel like you’re ready for spring and summer.

Shall I call in some extra help?

By all means! Molly Maid Spring Cleaning is a service you might find particularly pleasant this time of year. You can rely on professionals to do the hard work for you, knowing you’ll come home to a house that feels as a good as new.

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