How to add space & light to small rooms

small rooms
Walk into many houses and you’ll probably find a box room tucked away somewhere. While these can be annoyingly small and hard to make into a decent living area or bedroom, there are things you can do to make even the cosiest of places more practical and bright – so take a look at these tips.


First & foremost, it is essential to declutter! There’s simply no room for too much ‘stuff ‘ in a tight space, so whether you decide to store your items away or sell them on, a good clear out is certainly necessary. Don’t be too hasty to simply throw things in the bin however, as a good table top sale could make you a bob or two and charity shops certainly appreciate a donation or new or nearly new things that you just don’t want {or can’t accomodate} anymore. 


Once you’ve had a thorough sort out, a spot of decorating may be in order. The wrong colour can make a room feel more claustrophobic, so it’s a good idea to browse interior design secrets for small rooms and transform your inside space – but where’s best to start?

– Avoid dark colours; these can close in on you, making a room feel even smaller than it already is, so stay away from black, dark blues, deep reds, mauve, and other rich hues and instead opt for light, airy colour combinations such as light greens, yellows, light greys and other neutrals.

– Choose a simple pattern; busy wallpaper can make a room look too busy and cluttered even if it’s not, so try to avoid patterned wallpaper and stay clear of wall transfers, stencil art and anything else with too much detail. If you do want to spice the room up a bit , use bright fabrics to make cushion covers and throws but be consistent with the materials and colour shades you choose.

– Don’t over accessorize; while there’s nothing wrong with a few feature pieces here and there, overaccessorizing will again make the room look awkwardly cluttered.

Think storage

Finding the right storage solutions for small rooms is essential if you want to keep everything looking neat and tidy while simultaneously increasing the amount of free space in a room. There are many clever furniture designs available these days including high rise beds with desks or sofas underneath but if that sounds a bit fancy, make sure you choose a bed with built-in storage as this provides a handy space to keep pillow cases and duvets. Stackable boxes, wall shelves and racks which hang on the back of doors also work well in a small space, so keep an eye out for clever ideas.

It’s easier than you may think to bring space and light to a small room, but don’t be put off if you need to start from scratch and have a good sort out and decorating session.

*This is a collaborative post.


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