My Slimming World Struggles

Last night I stood on the scales for the fifth time in my fifth week of Slimming world. It’s quite daunting standing on those scales, isn’t it? More so if you know you’ve not been sticking to the plan – which I’ve been guilty of, 100%. I walked out with a 3lb gain. 3lbs! I was so unbelievably annoyed at myself. Did I really need that pizza over the weekend? Did I really need to eat the entire bag of popcorn? Kicking myself repeatedly for not doing more exercise – the list goes on.

So here I sit, feeling incredibly beaten, bloated {I think it’s almost ‘that’ time – the months are just mashing together lately} and hoping to gain back my mojo. I’m unsure how but I do know I want it back. I think that’s a good mental step, right? I hope so because, at the moment, that’s all I have.

Since starting the slimming world programme, my weight has been like a yo-yo. I had a great first week where I had a 2lb loss, then from there, it has been a weight gain, a loss, a maintain and then my biggest gain yet. I have bounced from 13st 1lbs, down into 12st and back up into the 13st region again. You can imagine the frustration. So right now I think it’s understandable to feel how I am feeling – however, in reality, I have no one to blame but myself.

My frame of mind just isn’t there and I am stumped how to kick-start it into gear again. My priorities are all aimed at my children, my husband and our home I have nothing left to give to myself. Or, by the time I have time to myself, I’m just too darn tired to do anything worthwhile. I mean, who wants to get on an exercise bike after they’ve put the kids to bed at night?

NOBODY!!! That’s who…

So, those are my Slimming world struggles. As for how I plan to get my butt back on track? I’m going to take a shot at positive thinking, using my smart fitness tracker more and to really try and exercise more as a whole. I don’t want to overload myself and take on too much, but I hope to finally get on the exercise bike my husband and I bought a few months ago and also get back into running too.

Wish me luck!


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  1. 20/05/2017 / 10:03 AM

    It makes me feel so sad to read about peoples struggles with weight loss like this. Your mind and your body try and fight back against weight loss. If you restrict certain foods they then become irresistable. The only success I’ve had was with Paul McKenna’s I can make you thin. I’m not saying it’s perfect but the idea of not restricting anything but only eating when you’re genuinely hungry works better for me.

    I worry so much that all of this beating yourself up people do when trying to lose weight is half of the issue why they then regain it later. It is genuinely not your fault, and there’s no use hating yourself because apart from it being completely unfair, it doesn’t help you on your weightloss journey anyway. I am convinced that to really lose weight that you need to love yourself as you are because so many of us eat for comfort in any case, if we took away the need for comfort we’d all find it much easier!

    So please don’t worry about it and be kinder to yourself! Imagine if you said all the things you’d just said in your post to a friend? They would probably tell you where to get off (and quite rightly too!) Be a friend to yourself!

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