Sizing up shoes for the summer, with Simply Be

We are already halfway through our school summer holidays here in Northern Ireland and I have a confession to make. I have bought countless bits and pieces for my children but hardly {if any} for myself. As parents, we do tend to leave ourselves at the bottom of the barrel, don’t we? But lately, I have made a promise to try to put myself first a little more. Like buying myself a few nice new pieces, both wardrobe and shoes! 

I love clothes & shoes…but I care more about what I put on my little size fives than I do anything else. I am a huge fan of having a shoe for every occasion and I am not ashamed to admit that I love a good hiking boot or shoe. I have a few pairs in my wardrobe – which my Husband mocks me for – but then is slightly envious when my feet are dry in the wetter months than his. Will he ever learn and invest in a pair of his own? Who knows.  

This year I bought myself my very first pair of sandals. Yes, I know, you did read that right – ‘first pair’. I’ve never been an open-toed shoe sort of fan and even though I have, what I think, are quite cute little feet {if not a little tiny & chubby}, I still don’t like seeing them out on a shoe! But I bought a pair, which was actually for my recent press trip to Cyprus and do you know what? I absolutely loved them! They were honestly, the comfiest shoes and I’m gutted to report that they recently just broke. They were only wee cheap ones from a local High street store, but still. They will be mourned.

However, these gorgeous two strap sandal shoes from Simply Be look ‘almost’ like them and they’re only £15 – I think they could be calling my name, you know. They are such a versatile little shoe as well, don’t you think?

Staying on the sandal theme, during our recent day trip to Castlerock for our usual escapades of bodyboarding – I noticed so many people wearing sporty sandals. Much like the Jack Wolkskin sandal in the image below. I have to say, they look incredibly comfortable and they could be my new summer investment. Loving the look of those – mainly because they’ll be so easy to wear on beach days.  A pair of gold spotty Toms espadrilles are the perfect shoe, as well – don’t you agree? I already have a pair of Toms and they can be a bit of a tight fit, at first – but they are so comfortable! 

Simply Be

This summer so far, we have all been sweltering under the heatwave of 2018! Here in Northern Ireland we even had a hosepipe ban, which was the first in 25yrs! What’s even more depressing, is I remember the first one – which makes me feel very old, indeed. However, hot days or not, I love a good casual trainer. 

I am a huge fan of skinny jeans {even though I am a size 16 – who cares!} with a t-shirt and a pair of comfy trainers. I have always been a converse girl, but the High top style Vans in the image above are giving all of the heart eyes! So much so, I think they shall be mine. I have declared it, so. Although, those little Floral Vans trainers are pretty too. 

As well as my love for the casual trainer, I do love a ‘pretty shoe’ and I’m well aware how girly that sounds {girly is something that I am not!}. It’s sometimes nice to put on a ‘going out’ top {for a change} and match it up with a pair of cute shoes, like the Angelina Strap Ballerina from Simply Be. They aren’t too fancy {which makes me heavily umcomfortable}. But they are simple and pretty, which is totally my jam. 

Finally, Dr Marten. The boot of all boots. The brand I feel, everyone should own because they are a marvellous investment and the comfiest to wear. They are also hugely versatile – I love that you can wear them with skirts, dresses & jeans. I even had my eyes on a pair of Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles ones, once. Yes, I’m well aware I am 38, and no, I do not care! They are AWESOME! 

So there you go, a little glimpse into the shoes I love this summer {and all year round if I am completely honest}. Do you have a favourite shoe? Is there one I have shared in this post? I’d love to know!

*This is a collaboration post.


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