Siblings project {November 2016}

When I started our 2016 Siblings project journey, never did I ever think I’d make it all the way to November! Granted, I think we missed a month or two during the Summer, but still, we’ve ‘almost’ made it to the end of 2016. Isn’t the thought of that realisation, bonkers?

To think next month will be our final Siblings project of the year and if I’m honest, I cannot wait to put together a 2016 round-up Siblings project post! I am so so looking forward to seeing my children grow right before my eyes in every photo and that’s the exact reason why I got involved in this beautiful project. For those memories. For those beautiful visuals! So roll on next month, I say!

However, this month {so far} has been quite lovely. The weather hasn’t been too bad, the kids have still been able to go out and play for an hour in between finishing their homework and it getting dark by 5pm! To think in the summer months they could be out playing in daylight right up until 9pm onwards! Then the Winter hits and they’re at home, snuggled up in their cosy pyjamas {by 5pm!}; which is lovely too because then I actually get to see them. 

This month I have to admit, the photos were rushed. It’s dark, quite literally, by 5pm these days. So getting the kids home changed, homework{s} done before rushing them out for photos was a bit mental! We are also in serious need of a new location because I think there are only so many times you can use the same locations for your photos. 

However, as you can see by the above photo Annabelle was having a grump and all because I took the football out of shot. Ha! Three-year-olds, eh! Crazy little creatures they are.

As crazy as they are and how insane they can make me feel sometimes, I honest to goodness could not be without them! That also goes for my two teenage boys {who hate being photographed!}.

Now, hurry up and be December already because that means festive jumpers are 100% allowed, Christmas trees can go up, twinkly lights will be everywhere and our family scout elf makes a visit too. He may even bring a friend this year too!

Siblings project


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