Siblings project {July 2016}

What a crazy busy month it has been; from attending BML’16 to flying over to Somerset for our annual Family holiday and just life in general. I seem to be playing a constant game of ‘catch up’ {on the blog front} and now the children are off school for the summer trying to complete deadlines and more has just leveled up in the difficulty department.

However, I do love that the kids are done with school for a while. We can turn our alarms off, have lazy mornings, make plans with zero time restrictions and just enjoy the time we have together before September looms and new school terms begin.

The one thing I’ve noticed this last month about my three younger siblings, and mainly since we got back from our Haven Holiday, is how much they’ve grown. They have just sprouted and aged within our week away and I’m still trying to get my head around it all. Not to mention how much Annabelle’s speech has come along – that is truly amazing and I’ll put together a post to share with you guys soon. But for now…here are my 3 younger siblings in July. 

Siblings Project
As Nintendo Family Ambassadors, the kids have been huddled together and enjoying some Wii U time which has mostly consisted of racing each other on Mario Kart 8. 

Siblings Project
With the recent release of Pokemon Go {you’ve heard of it right? 😉 } my kids have jumped on the bandwagon {as have I} and it’s now a regular thing for us to do together. Any game that gets us off our backsides, gets us outdoors exercising and having fun whilst doing it, can never be classed as a bad thing.

Siblings Project
This month our little Annabelle {who isn’t so little anymore!} has loved going high on the swings, as much as my nerves freak out about it. It’s her new favourite thing {aside from hunting down Pikachu} and I never thought I’d see the day, or certainly not this soon, where my littlest lady demands to be pushed ‘higher’ on the big swings. 

Siblings Project
Siblings Project
Siblings project
Siblings project
In fairness, as crazy has this last month has been, we’ve had a great time and I am looking forward to whatever adventures, places and happy faces we get to see over the next one. Let’s hope we get a little more of this recent heatwave we’ve been having too.

D xx

Siblings project



    21/07/2016 / 10:27 AM

    We are loving Pokemon Go too! Good for getting out on walks which normally my kids hate.

  2. RachelSwirl
    22/07/2016 / 12:29 AM

    I love your living room what fab decor behind the sofa…
    also what awesome kids you have x

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