My Siblings project {June 2015}

Wow, the 3 younger kids are growing so fast! My teens are too but at the moment they are allergic to the camera. If it even gets aimed in their direction {even in a ninja-sort-of-way} they’ll hiss & spit at me. So for now, they’re going un-captured *sad face*. But my three younger tearaways don’t mind Mummy looking at them through a lens most days, as they understand that Mummy is trying to make a library of memories for them to fawn over and enjoy when they’ve grown up and looked at them with families of their own. What a thought that is!

This week my eldest girl turned ten. TEN! I can’t believe it, and after the summer holidays, we’ll be looking into high schools to apply for her to attend NEXT SEPTEMBER! High school! It’s a good job I’m sitting down because thinking she only has one more year of Primary school left before her wings spread even further into the realms of high school. I’m both excited & terrified for her.

She’s so smart, though. Smarter than she lets on and doesn’t try as hard as she should. She’s a lot like her Daddy that way. All the smarts but too lazy to use them. I hope I can flip that before she starts high school, as higher education is tough enough going into with your eyes open, never mind closed!

With Ellie going into Primary 7 *weep*, her older Brothers going into both 4th & 5th year….GAH! I physically cannot cope. It’s just too much. I’d like to rewind, please!

As for my two youngest birds. Jacobs growing. Which is a shocker as the poor kid has my genes. AKA, the shrimp gene. The kid doesn’t know I’ve been secretly watering him as he sleeps to help him grow! Metaphorically speaking of course, as otherwise, that would be just weird! But all of a sudden his jeans aren’t fitting and he does look a smidgen taller than last month.

Before Annabelle’s update for June, how adorable was it her & Jacob doing the fist pump from Big Hero 6!! I actually nearly died due to the impromptu cuteness!!

Annabelle’s speech is really coming on leaps and bounds now. It’s so exciting! She’s handling Daddy leaving for work in the mornings a lot better, the same with Ellie & Jacob leaving for school. She is also handling leaving soft play better too. All of the aforementioned would trigger upset. Massively. Now, though, she’s getting it and I’m so relieved as it’s certainly making things a little easier.

My little siblings are growing up so fast! I absolutely LOVE joining in with this wonderful Siblings Linky every month, with Dear Beautiful. I honestly cannot believe it’s June already and I cannot wait to look back on my monthly sibling updates coming at the end of the year! Oh and I totally {finally} managed to captured a decent photo of the three monkeys! It can take a few tries! lol!

dear beautiful


  1. 17/06/2015 / 5:54 PM

    I love this series of photos, so darn cute and really capture their personalities x

  2. 17/06/2015 / 11:08 PM

    High school. What a thought. Scary thing is, I know it’s going to come around so fast! Love the pictures, by the way, even if you couldn’t get the oder siblings to take part.
    Thaks for hosting #MMWBH

  3. Joy
    22/06/2015 / 11:46 AM

    Ellie looks so cool in that last photo! Treasure the last year of primary school because once she heads off to secondary school she will joking he gang who don’t want you taking pictures of them.

  4. 24/06/2015 / 4:24 PM

    This is a gorgeous set of photos! My oldest just turned nine and I’m slightly freaked out by the thought that he’ll be in double figures next year…!

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