How to shop for kids shoes on a budget {Guest post}

When it comes to our children, it’s natural that we always want them to have the best. The only problem being that they grow so fast! That’s why it’s totally understandable, and even advisable, that you want to spend less on their shoes – they won’t end up wearing them much before they grow some more. But, is there a way to keep your kid’s feet warm and dry in a good pair of shoes, and go easy on your budget at the same time? There are a couple of tips which all vigilant mothers should know about that can provide a solution to your quarry. If you don’t know about it yet, you are about to find out!

First of all, keep your eyes peeled for coupons. Even if they don’t mean a discount for the pair you are buying at that moment, it is still a good deal if you get a half price cut for the next pair. Children tend to need new footwear rather often, so you shouldn’t turn away any help that will keep your budget on the safe side. Plenty of shops offer coupons, whether they are online shops or the traditional brick-and-mortar stores, as this is a good way of attracting customers, so you’re sure to find something that works for you. Just go to a couponing website such as and look up Kids Foot Locker, Kohl’s or another store you’re fond of do discover a wide range of profitable discounts. Make sure you are not going to miss them!

Another important thing is to try buying shoes for your children when they are on sale. You know the best the growth rate of your child, so maybe you can take the risk of buying a pair of boots in the spring season sales, which are a bit larger than what he or she wears, so they can fill them up in autumn, as the end of the season is the moment when the lowest prices will be. Still, for a small child that grows rather fast, it can be a tricky decision. However, you should be on the lookout anyway as you may find great prices for in season shoes as well, not having to take any risk.

The point is that if you want to shop for kids’ shoes on a budget you shouldn’t go for the fresh collections. The temptation may be high as you will see many brand new products on the store’s shelves. Still, have in mind that your child may wear these shoes only for one season, so it’s not worth making the investment. It is always a shame to see that a great pair of shoes that cost you dearly that cannot be used anymore, just because your kid grew out of them. It is a must to plan your budget right especially when you have more children, as they all need shoes and clothes for their entire growth period. Of course, the younger ones can inherit items that are in a good condition from their older brothers and sisters, but some new purchases are bound to happen anyway. Make sure that you shop wisely and take the time to find the best opportunities!

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