Today I woke up to my youngest son being 7yrs old. Seven! I honestly feel like I’ve blinked and he’s gone from this little copper headed newborn baby and burst into a very lovable, a little stubborn but a delightful young boy. He’s literally just come in {as I write up this post} to give me a kiss on the cheek, a gentle squeeze and to tell me that he loves me. That’s Jacob as a whole. I’ve always said that he’s a proper little new world gent since he was no age, and my opinion of that is no different today.

I remember his arrival so vividly. Everything from taking a little Ellie-Lou shopping that morning {after my waters had broken due to no contractions}, to enjoy what would be our final morning ‘just us girls’. So we made the most of it before me finally heading up to the hospital around 4 pm that afternoon. After tests, internals {never fun!} and more I was admitted as it was clear that I was indeed, in labour.

Late evening around 10 pm after countless hours of shooting pains {downstairs} I had to really push someone to sort me out with an internal exam because something wasn’t quite right. No matter how much they try to patronize you into thinking ‘its normal’, this wasn’t and if anyone knew that it was me. Finally, I got one, and the look on the midwives eyes is a look I’ll never forget.
“Oh I’ve just shaken your son’s hand!” she exclaimed. It turns out his arm had slipped out of my cervix and he was happily wiggling &¬†clasping his hand and fingers in my birth canal. OUCH! You can winch because let me tell you now, that hurt!

Anyway, a few hours later I was in the midst of an emergency c-section and my little copperhead boy was born weighing a beautiful 6lb 9oz.

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He was perfect. He still is and forever will be because he really is an absolute delight. The love he has inside him would make you weep because he is genuinely overflowing with love for his family & friends.


Jacob has had all sorts of fun birthday parties thrown for him. From Under the Sea, Spongebob Squarepants, a really amazing garden party and even a Pokemon themed party! This year is yet another request for a Super Mario Bros themed party. So I’m currently up to my eyes sorting that out for next weekend when he’ll have a Birthday Sleepover! I’ll share it all via my Instagram throughout and then on right here on the blog after too, so keep an eye out if you need any birthday party inspiration!

Happy Birthday gorgeous boy! You never fail to blow me over with your affection and blind me with your tender heart. You are a fine young man and I honestly hope with all that I am, that you keep that with you on your journey into manhood. But for now…try to slow down on the old growing up lark yeah? You’re breaking your Mummys heart here!!! xx



  1. Jodie
    15/08/2015 / 7:29 PM

    my eldest will be 7 this year. I’m terrified. Happy birthday!!

    • 16/08/2015 / 11:47 AM

      Its a scary thought isn’t it!! Happy Birthday to your LO!

  2. 16/08/2015 / 4:36 PM

    Happy Birthday gorgeous boy! 7 sounds so grown up x

  3. Michelle
    16/08/2015 / 7:24 PM

    Your son is adorable! My youngest is 8 and I can’t believe that in four months he will be 9. Every year it seems as though time just flew by from the moment of their birth to now. Hope he has fun at his party!

    • 19/08/2015 / 8:38 AM

      Haha, he is! And he knows it too! I’d help that boy bury bodies, lol.

  4. 16/08/2015 / 9:42 PM

    Happy birthday to your wonderful boy x

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