Self care tips for new Mothers

Being a mother is a rewarding, challenging and often chaotic experience. Investing in yourself will make you stronger, which in turn makes you better equipped to be the type of parent that you aspire to. Therefore, take some time to identify what will assist you to be happy, healthier and more productive. Read below for our top self-care tips.

Take a few moments for yourself

Easier said than done when you have little faces peeping into the bathroom when you want to pee in peace! But, if you want to have that cup of tea while it’s warm or spend more than 2 minutes on your makeup, a little prep goes a long way. Plan a special activity to occupy your children while you get through a few things on your to-do list, or chill for a few moments.

Younger bubs might be happy with a toy that they can semi-regularly access, making it a special treat, while older children tend to get a thrill from messy play (of course).

Set the kids up in the bathroom with some foam or slime, or any messy (safe) substance. If you’re concerned about clean up, some old sheets can make an excellent drop cloth that can be put straight into the washing machine when it’s time to pack away. Have plenty of supplies to mitigate any ‘that’s mine’ disagreements.

Long-term love

Birth can be wonderful and traumatic, often at once. After that marathon, unfortunately, there’s not a masseuse and few days rest to come – it’s feeding and lack of sleep time. While the newborn months can be exceedingly difficult, regaining a sense of normalcy and control might be found in planning ahead for an event or experience that you currently lack the time to attend. If that means labiaplasty surgery, varicose vein treatment or a wardrobe make-over down the track, so be it. A less dramatic approach might be to invest in personal grooming with a DIY a manicure or bath. Even if you don’t quite want to be separated from your little one just yet, grab a friend, relative or partner to ‘take the lead,’ while you are still at home. That way you’re close by but have a little more autonomy to relax and take some time for yourself.

Mental Load

Many women are well aware that even when they’re not around their children, it’s hard to switch off from the next pick-up, meal or nap time. Assuming lead responsibility even when you’re not present in the life of an endless multi-tasking mother: the ultimate planner and organiser. In the short term it can be easier to manage everything yourself, but being human, far better outcomes will be found if you learn the art of delegation and simply doing less. This allows other household members to become more proactive – letting them assume responsibility for certain matters will, in time, reduce the dreaded phrase ‘you should have asked’ that even the most well-intending partner is guilty of.

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