Seasonal Adventures with GORE-TEX!

Being GORE-TEX family ambassadors is amazing and since getting our first GORE-TEX shoes {you can read about our Spring/Summer adventures with GORE-TEX here} to test out back in the middle of Summer, they’re still going strong and if I’m honest, they’re the kids first choice of footwear when going out. They are comfortable, stylish and suitable for all types of weather due to being waterproof.

We’ve been on lots of Big Days Out lately, whether it be to the park, to Granda’s house {always a favourite!}, the kids went to Lanzarote with them, we’ve been on viaduct adventures and more. We’ve ventured out in all kinds of weather and the footwear is holding up just as you’d expect from a great brand like GORE-TEX.

The wear and tear of the footwear are great too. My girls wouldn’t be as ‘rough & tumble’ as my youngest son Jacob would be {and is!} so to see, regardless of all of his climbing trees, walls, park frames etc, that his shoes still look in great condition.

I also love that even though we’re heading full steam ahead into Autumn/Winter that my children are in no rush to grow, so it’s awesome that they’re Spring & Summer footwear still fit them nicely.

All in all, we’re still loving everything about the children’s Gore-tex shoes that I mentioned in my first post and I think if anything, we love them more. They really are the perfect footwear for all types of weather conditions and I’m comforted as the parent, that my children have happy feet too.

Disclosure: As a GORE-TEX Big Days Family Ambassador, the kids were gifted these shoes in exchange for a fair and honest review. All thoughts, photos and opinions are my own. 


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