After School Inspiration: Activities to Help Your Child Transition to Home

When your child arrives home from school, it can sometimes be difficult to make the transition. You want them to settle down for the rest of the day, but sometimes they need a bit of help. Art activities can be the perfect way to do this.

The best art activities are the ones that are relatively low-key and that don’t involve making a lot of mess. Here are a few you can try when your child gets back from school.

Colouring In

Perhaps the simplest activity of all is to provide your child with some paper and crayons and let them express their creativity without any guidance or direction. Colouring in is great for kids, and it makes the perfect after-school activity.

You might want to provide them with a colouring book if they don’t feel like drawing. Set it up on the table or on the floor, and they can get going as soon as they get home. There’s no mess, and they’ll enjoy the simple fun it provides.


You can’t beat messing around with some playdough if you want to provide some easy fun. You can either buy the official product or make your own, which is surprisingly easy. Your child will be happy to play and see what they can create, and it should keep them busy for an hour or so.


Pick up some stickers from the local art shop and encourage your child to create a sticker collage. You could provide them with a starting point by printing out images they can decorate with stickers, or you could give them some crayons as well so they can create anything they want.

Coloring Book App

If you would rather let your kids get inspiration from your smartphone, the mandala colouring book app could be a good option. It comes with attractive patterns of mandalas and other designs that you can electronically colour in, and it’s great fun (for adults too!)

One of the best things is that there is no mess at all, so you won’t have to tidy up afterwards.

Sticker Painting

This is a good way to encourage creativity. Simply stick some stickers onto a page of the watercolour paper (the stickers need to be able to come off again later). Paint the paper with watercolours, and paint over and around the stickers, then remove the stickers to reveal the shapes for a unique work of art.

Coloured Masking Tape

Invest in some coloured masking tape and your child will have lots of fun. Give them the tape, some coloured paper, and some scissors, and let them see what they can come up with.

Shadow Art

If it’s a sunny afternoon, set up a table next to the window and place some objects in the light so that the light creates shadows on the table. Then simply trace the shapes. You could also hang up patterns for the sun to shine through. It’s great fun, and it will keep your child absorbed for a while.

Help Your Kids Make the Transition to Home

If your kids arrive home overexcited but not really knowing what to do, help them to relax and get back into the routine of being at home using art.

These are just a few simple ideas that you can put to good use to ensure your children can relax and enjoy expressing their creativity when they return home. Try them yourself and see which ones your children enjoy the most.

*This is a guest post.


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