Saving up for a family Christmas holiday!

It’s October. Christmas will be here in the blink of an eye and as a Mother of five, it’s something that I start preparing for, in June! However, every year I always get this crazy idea to maybe…go somewhere magical and amazing with the family. Like Disneyland in Paris or Lapland to see Santa and watch the elves hammering away in their workshop. We wouldn’t go away over Christmas {because that would be too crazy} but something on the run-up I think would be such a magical thing. 

When I was a child, we never went anywhere like that for Christmas – I’m unsure if places like that even existed when I was little – except for the one in America perhaps. It was something my family could never afford and that was totally OK – however – nowadays places like that do exist and it is something that I would love to take my children too. 

Being able to walk down a high street filled with the biggest and brightest fairy lights, seeing Minnie & Mickey decked out in their best Christmas clothes and seeing perhaps the biggest Christmas tree that you’ll ever see. Having a sleigh ride pulled by reindeer, seeing Mrs Claus baking happily in her cottage home, with snow draping her window and a roaring fire burning bright. 

It’s little details like that, that make Christmas time so magical. And sure, you don’t need to go on an expensive holiday to get them – but let’s admit it, it would be nice! Paying for it, however, would be the tricky part because, Christmas is expensive enough as it is, without throwing a holiday into the mix. However, there are ways and means around that. 

If you save via your credit union, that could be an option, or you could have a massive clearout of your home for anything you no longer need and get a little extra cash that way, or you could look into loan options with Cash Lady. We are good savers {most of the time} making sure we cut back on those things we buy but really don’t need and we find meal planning usually helps save a little money too. 

Christmas is such a magical time of the year and it is also a time that I really try to inject magic back into the minds & hearts of my children. I think society can often suck the joy of believing out of children so I love my job as Chief Elf Mama to gather it all back up to sprinkle over them. So yes, I’ll make a Christmas holiday happen – maybe next year – but Disneyland in Paris, or Lapland? This is the question. 

Which would you choose? Have you been to either? or both!? I’d love to hear about them! 


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