A shopping experience in Rushmere Shopping Centre ahead of National Children’s Day

I have lived in Northern Ireland for most of my life and there are still so many places that I haven’t visited. I find that crazy. Northern Ireland isn’t the biggest of islands so it’s surprising to me that so much of it is still a mystery. However, recently I was offered the opportunity to visit and have a little shopping experience at Rushmere Shopping Centre, in Craigavon all ahead of National Children’s Day on Sunday 14th May. 

I had never been to Craigavon before and it was so nice as a nondriver, for it to be so easy to travel to with public transport. We live in Whiteabbey, so after a quick train ride to Great Victoria street station, we then hopped on a Portadown express bus and voila, we were there in about 50 mins. Such a smooth and easy trip {especially with an eight & four-year-old tagging along!}. An even bigger bonus was the bus dropping us off at Rushmere Shopping centre itself. An absolute win in my book.

Our first glance of the shopping centre was from the bus station entrance, so we walked round to the front of the store for a look-see before popping back inside for a little nosy around the shops.

Rushmere Shopping Centre I was given the task to shop with my children in mind, for clothes, toys & games for the summer. I absolutely love shopping for my children and it is even something I tend to do even when I don’t intend to do it. You know what I mean, don’t you? You go out with intentions to buy yourself some clothes, but end up coming back with all sorts for the children and nothing for yourself. The story of my life. But then again, their clothes aren’t going to be small for long. And they’re so much cuter when they are small.

At first glance, I thought Rushmere Shopping Centre was lovely. Quite big, very spacious and I especially liked seeing these really comfy seating areas. I also really liked how they had added the trees around the edges that give the illusion when you are seated that you aren’t in a busy shopping centre. A real bonus when you’re trying to rest for a five minutes before you continue your shopping.

Rushmere Shopping Centre

Rushmere Shopping Centre
Rushmere Shopping CentreIn fact, talking about seating, I don’t think I have ever seen so many seating areas than I did in Rushmere Shopping centre. A definite thumbs up because I could count on one hand {one hand!} how many chairs there are in our own local shopping centre. But in Rushmere there are loads. Kudos Rushmere! 

Rushmere Shopping Centre

Rushmere Shopping CentreAs we strolled around the shops I heard the kids gasp, and being a family of geeks I knew it had to be something cool! And it was. I figured they had spotted someone dressed up as a superhero or something but no, they spotted a T-47 Rebel Alliance Snow Speeder {as seen in the Empire Strikes back} – we also heard that it was due to be manned by its pilot, Emerald Garrison {in full costume} the day after our visit. Gutted! That would have been a pretty cool thing to see. Did you see it?

Rushmere Shopping CentreI shopped around for clothes for my two younger children and I have to say, I’m usually a Primark and a H&M junky. So I was happy to see an H&M store but sad to not see a Primark. It pushed me out of my comfort zone to shop in stores that I normally wouldn’t shop in; like Sainsbury’s & Dunnes Stores. I did manage to get some new clothes for the kids & some summer games for us to play outdoors.

Luckily, just across from the shopping centre is a gorgeous known as Craigavon Lakes and it truly is beautiful. We were really lucky with the weather too; so we walked over, sat down, and enjoyed the sunshine as well as playing with a few of our new toys.

Rushmere Shopping Centre
Rushmere Shopping Centre Rushmere Shopping Centre Rushmere Shopping Centre Rushmere Shopping CentreAs soon as we bought these beautiful pink shorts {from the boy’s section in Dunnes} & gorgeous little summer shoes {also from Dunnes}, my little girl just had to put them on. We had a really fun time shopping around Rushmere Shopping Centre and loved being able to make a day of it thanks to Craigavon Lakes just across the road that we will definitely be going back for a visit soon.

Disclosure: I was kindly given a gift card to attend Rushmere Shopping centre and to share my thoughts and experiences. All thoughts, photos and opinions are entirely my own. 


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