Reasons to love the Panasonic OLED 4k Television

When it comes to watching television, it’s pretty much dominated by the children. All five of them! I’m lucky if I get to handle the remote on the flip side of 8pm! But if and when I do get to enjoy the television I like to watch it in style with stunning image quality. Call me a TV snob or whatever but I appreciate a swanky television screen.
Panasonic have produced an absolutely stunning new television, the Panasonic OLED 4k and you’re maybe muttering to yourself “4k? What on earth does that mean?”, well keep reading and I’ll tell you.

4k essentially means that this new Panasonic television has four times the HD quality than a regular HD ready TV. Can you even imagine that?  The clarity and definition in this TV’s imagery would blow your mind. Being a big movie buff I know watching my favourite action flicks on it would be outstanding. Which voices my reason number one to fall in love with this TV. Nothing like kicking back to be able to appreciate every gorgeous whisker on the face of Gerard Butler!
Gerard-B-1050x700Reason number two, are you a football fan? I can only imagine the feeling of almost feeling like you’re in the actual stadium during the match. The resolution of 8 million pixels on screen compared to the 2 million pixels in an HD ready television, giving you a crisper, sharper television experience would be amazing. If only we could have watched our wee country, Northern Ireland thrashing Greece 3-0 at Windsor Park last week on it and getting us into the Euro 2016 finals! #GAWA
panasonic-tx-65cz950-mainThis evolutionary Panasonic OLED 4k television allows you to wean yourself over to the visual masterpiece that is the 4k technology. You’re able to choose between watching your programmes in HD or 4k. The choice is yours. Reason number three to love this product.

Reasons number four & five to love this television are its connectivity to other devices, such as your camera, apple or android devices. Panasonic includes an HDMI port 2.0 to allow higher bandwidth to enable a higher data support requirement. A bit of technical jargon I know, but trust me, it’s good! And finally, you’re able to stream your favourite shows, whether it be from Netflix, Amazon Prime, Sky box and more. All from the comfort and convenience of your Panasonic OLED 4k Television.
netflixWhen you get to settle down with the remote, what is your favourite TV show to watch?

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