Potty training – Take#2!

I decided back in January of this year to introduce Annabelle to a potty. She was showing signs of being ready and I was hopeful following those signs that she’d transcend from nappies to potty like a duck takes to water, just like her Sister. But I was wrong. Our first attempts to potty train didn’t go as planned and after two weeks I put a pin in the idea for a while.

Now four months on we’ve decided to start it back up again as those signs of being ready are more there than ever before. She’s now aware when she is wet {and clearly doesn’t like that wet feeling} and now crouches down when she needs a ‘wee-wee’. All pretty promising if you ask me.

I’ve been sent some fabulous Potty Training pants from Baba & Boo, which I’ll share a review about soon. I sort of had the idea that we pretty much started with cloth so we might as well end with cloth. I also bought some Dry Like Me potty training pads for when she’s wearing her little pants. Hoping the two won’t confuse her. I think using the cloth potty pants will be good for when I’m out doing school runs etc . As they absorb the ‘pee-pee’ but still feel wet to make the child aware they’ve been to the toilet. Whereas the pads hold about 60% of the urine and the rest soaks through.
Both effective in their own ways just….when out & about I’m hoping to achieve minimal wetness damage if an accident occurs {i.e. having to change her} and conquering the potty training at the same time. Am I asking for too much?

Either way….this is a photo of how our first day went…{bit of a blurry pic but how cute is she, seriously!}.
11061685_804364979648995_3365831125879301410_nOur first day ended with a lot of wet accidents and a poo in the potty! {It was a ‘I saw it coming and popped her on the potty’ moment!} otherwise M.E.S.S would have occurred! Annabelle was also proper confused at me praising and cheering her by doing a poo in her potty! I think she thought I was over reacting {and slightly bonkers} but I was SO excited. It’s the start of marvellous things to come. I can feel it!

Are you potty training at the moment? How’s it going?



  1. 23/05/2015 / 10:04 PM

    I am about to start potty training my little one now she is about to turn two as she is starting to show signs she is ready like telling us she wants changed etc. I will be seeing how you get on for some tips as it has been over 10 years since i potty trained my oldest xx

  2. 27/05/2015 / 7:24 AM

    We haven’t even begun potty training yet and Miss S is almost three.

    She doesn’t really show any signs that she’s ready. Plus we’ve just moved countries and living in a holiday let, so I’m going to wait until we are settled into our new home, whenever that maybe.

    Good luck with the potty training, it’s the one thing I’m not looking forward to, AT ALL!

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