Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World for Nintendo 3DS

If you were a fan of the game Yoshi’s Woolly World for the Nintendo Wii U that was released in 2015, then get excited. Yoshi’s woolly world is becoming unravelled and in Nintendo’s latest game release; Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World you can team up with your trusted pooch pal ‘Poochy’ and help to defeat the naughty Kameks!

This latest game which is only on the Nintendo 3DS family systems has all of the levels from the original game; Yoshi’s Woolly World and now has added adventure levels with Poochy jumping on some extra stages too.

We had never played the original game, but from friends, we heard great things. So when I was asked to review this latest game from Nintendo, the kids & I got pretty excited. The colours in the game are nice and bright, the ‘texture’ of the wool looks awesome and the adventures are lots of fun and easy for the kids to enjoy {without the game rage}. Plus, the amount of insanely cute Yoshi’s running about gives a real feel-good factor to this game. They’re just too cute!

The level design within this game is {in my opinion} pretty amazing. There are loads of threads to pull and secrets to discover {my children love finding those secrets!} and they also really enjoy exploring each level. There are four collectables to find within each level and the kids really enjoyed being able to explore each level with a fine tooth comb before moving on. They are real sticklers for collecting everything, unlocking all of the bonus stages and not forgetting the adorable patterned Yoshi’s. Another fun part of the game is when Yoshi transforms into either a Mermaid or a Motorcycle! They both prefer the motorcycle transformation; Vroom! Vroom!

In the original game, I believe there were mini-games however in this new release they have been replaced with Gold Rush challenges. The stages themselves are lots of fun; you can pop balloons with Poochy, rescue poochy pups {cute!} and collect gems. Perhaps playing through these levels would be just as fun {if not more} if using the Yoshi & Poochy Amiibo figures? We don’t actually have those so I can’t really comment, but I’ve heard they make a super fun addition to the game. {amiibo’s sold separately}

There are a few modes available in Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly world; you can enjoy a more traditional Yoshi experience in classic mode. Or you can play {minus the pressure} in the Mellow mode where poochy pups follow you around, search out secrets and they even help you defeat bad guys! 

Overall, this game is lots of fun. I can often hear the children not only fighting over a chance to play the game; “It’s my turn!” NO!” “It’s MY turn!”. Sigh. But they can often be heard making the funniest noise effects as they unthread walls with a flick of Yoshi’s tongue, make “Pew pew pew!” noises as they throw yarn balls and even flutter jump up to areas that are just out of reach. The game has been a huge hit with the kids {and us Parents too!}. RRP £34.99.

Disclosure: This game was sent to us for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are entirely my own. 



  1. 08/03/2017 / 5:50 AM

    Oh my daughter would love this game!! It really takes me back to my childhood I used to love Yoshi! x

  2. Elizabeth J. Johnson
    08/03/2017 / 9:49 AM

    I don’t want my kids to become gamers soon, but It’s so hard to resist a 3D game like Poochy and Yoshi’s Woolly World. There’s an insane amount of things to collect, including gems, yarn balls, and daisies.

    • 21/03/2017 / 9:58 AM

      A really colourful game. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. 21/03/2017 / 8:21 PM

    Our house is distinctly lacking in a nintendo console of any kind! This looks like a really cute game!
    Thanks for sharing your review on #triedtested this week x

  4. laura banks
    20/04/2017 / 8:43 PM

    looks really good and they looks os cute

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