Polka dots, Beautiful music & temper tantrums: #LittleLoves

This week has been a test. A true test of not only my patience but on the piddly amounts of sanity I seem to have remaining. Or more that I’m clinging on to for dear life. With Ellie & Jacob being away in Spain all last week {and this coming week too!} it’s mostly just been Annabelle & me. So it’s been, not to quote an all to famous song but, just the two of us.

“We can make it if we trrrry…..”

*coughs* Ahem…

Sorry. I honest to goodness couldn’t resist, and I bet you carried on those lyrics to right? Mwahahhaha!  So yes, it’s just been little Belle and me and therefore we’ve encountered some tantrums, but I’ll explain that further in this weeks, #LittleLoves….

readWe’ve had a few soft play sessions this week and shockingly each time, I forgot my book! Memory on me like.a.sieve! So I’ve had to resort to trashy magazines. But who would have thought there was interior decor gems lurking in there for me to find and lull over! That chair in the bottom of that photo has my name ALL over it! 😉


Tantrum, after tantrum, after tantrum. It’s been a struggle. It’s been painful. Testing. Frustrating. INSANELY TOUGH. But somehow we survived and better still, somehow we seem to be turning a corner! More on that in another post though. But for now I’ll share a little glimpse of what I’ve been watching this week.

Tantrums aside, I’ve also been re-watching The first season of The Originals. Truly EPIC show and the soundtrack from it is outstandingly beautiful.


Remember me mentioning that epicly beautiful ‘The Originals’ soundtrack?


I haven’t been wearing anything particular fabulous. However, Miss Belle has! I did a little what-was-MEANT-to-be clothes shop for Christmas. It turns out when they arrived I couldn’t help myself! So they’re no longer for Christmas, but for now! Are you guilty of doing that? I know I am, ALL the time!
WoreSo Miss Belle has been looking ridiculously gorgeous in her little Minnie Mouse dungarees, polka dot dungaree skirt and bunny top and not to leave out the delicious little Minnie Mouse vest top and tulle style skirt. Its so flowy and light, and looks far too cute on her for me to cope with. All from Aliexpress if you were wondering! 😉

And lastly…

Always find the time to laugh. Not just a chuckle of a snigger, but one of those proper side-splitting-belly-roars that make tears roll down your face & may even result in you having the hiccups!It’s good for the soul! 😉




  1. Tina Holmes
    11/07/2015 / 11:53 AM

    I feel your pain with tantrums, I’ve tried everything including a banshee shout. I just leave her too it now. Love the dress it’s really pretty. The originals is pretty amazing I prefer it too The vampire diaries and the next season is even better!

  2. 12/07/2015 / 9:51 PM

    What a cute little giggler at the end! So true, even amongst the tough weeks, keep smiling and laughing when we can 🙂 xx

  3. Jenny
    12/07/2015 / 10:51 PM

    Oh she may have tantrums but she looks way too gorgeous to not forgive. Bless you that face of yours after a few tantrums too is brilliant. I would be the same. Its tough MM has only had a start of a few so far but I know there will be more to come soon. Eeek. Big hugs lovely #littleloves

  4. 16/07/2015 / 9:14 AM

    I feel your pain, my two are tantrum queens at times, it’s so hard to stay calm and patient in the face of them isn’t it?
    That photo at the end though… so cute! xx

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