Petting zoos, Fun fairs & Easter egg hunts!

I cannot believe that the Easter half term has been & gone already. I know, that in other parts of the UK, things are different. But here in Northern Ireland, our children have just gone back to school. Which makes me both happy & sad. Sad, because, the kids can be great company and happy because…well...I need my routine back. 

Like anytime the kids have off school, I always try to plan lots of fun things to do – or as much as my bank account will allow me too anyway! And my finances got battered during this half-term, regardless of the several free events we went too. But sure, it’s only money, isn’t it? We made so many new memories and we did have some super fun days out – which makes the empty wallet worth it. 

Here’s butt-load of photos of what we got up to over our Easter break;

The day before they finished school – there was a school Easter egg decorating competition!

We baked!

We went to the Unboxing event at Castlecourt – the kids got to star in their own unboxing video.

We visited the petting zoo at Victoria Square, Belfast

We ventured into Carrickfergus to go swimming {our local was shut all over Easter!}

We visited Umbrella Street, West Street Traders, Carrickfergus

We had fun at the V36 play park

Annabelle fell asleep in a shopping trolley…

We enjoyed the Doctor Who event at Vandal, Belfast

We had an Easter egg hunt, and threw paint-filled eggshells at a blank canvas! {the result is very cool!}

We had a blast at Planet fun, Carrickfergus

So, that was the jist of our Easter break. We enjoyed a few down days, a few nonstop days but most of all, fun days! We made new memories, I took a gazillion photos {as per!} and now I can look back on the last fortnights worth of photos and smile. We survived. We did good and now with the kids back at school, normalcy can return {sort of} – or until the madness of the Summer holidays come around that is! Now that will be fun…

How was your Easter break? Did you get up to, or go anywhere fun? 


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