Helping to eliminate maternal & newborn tenanus with Pampers & UNICEF

As a Mother of five children, I can safely say that the gift of pregnancy and childbirth is amazing. The fact that we, as woman, can carry & grow a tiny human inside our bodies for nine whole months {sometimes less in lots of cases; I had two preemies myself!} just astounds me. Obviously, the Dads help in the procreation department, but being able to physically grow, nurture and then birth out our gloriously beautiful pink-faced amazing newborns is a truly magical gift.

Now, with my first four children {before converting to cloth nappies; due to nothing more than the fact we’d never given them a go before}, we used Pampers nappies. I loved using Pampers as with every pack bought, Pampers donate 1 vaccine to fight against maternal & newborn tetanus through the “1 pack = 1 vaccine” Pampers-UNICEF campaign. The campaign is now in its 11th year and babies from all around the world have been helping other babies from around the globe, just by wearing a Pampers nappy. Amazingly, through the Pampers UNICEF campaign, maternal & newborn tetanus has been eliminated in 19 countries, meaning they’re halfway there {with 19 left to go} to global elimination of both maternal & newborn tetanus.

It’s such an amazing thing to know that since the Pampers UNICEF 1 pack = 1 vaccine campaign started {11yrs ago!}, and with the support of families an estimated 500,000 newborn babies have been saved and with every second, a Mother & her newborn baby have received a vaccine. 

There are more ways to support this amazing campaign, other than buying a pack of nappies bearing the Pampers UNICEF campaign logo. You can also share a photo of your amazing baby on social media, using the hashtag #1photo1vaccine or #PampersUNICEF on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. With each share & use of the hashtag, Pampers will donate the equivalent cost of one vaccine.

The former Girls Aloud singer and celebrity Mum, Kimberly Walsh is supporting this amazing campaign and feels hugely honoured be supporting it in its 11th year and if you fancy supporting it too, aside from sharing a photo of your amazing baby, there are other ways that you can help make a difference. You can buy a pack of Pampers bearing the Pampers-UNICEF logo or donate directly to UNICEF by becoming a monthly donor.

You can find a whole bunch of other helpful information by clicking this link and from a Mum with amazing babies to other parents of amazing babies, let’s help Pampers UNICEF reach global domination in eliminating maternal & newborn tetanus.

*This is a collaboration post with Pampers. 


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