My Toddler has a tongue tie

Tongue tie: noun.  1. A Malformation which restricts the movement of the tongue and causes a speech impediment. In the middle of December 2015, Annabelle, who was one month shy of turning three finally got her 2yr assessment from her Health Visitor. I’ll be honest, I never thought she was going to get one but when I got the appointment {I’ll just mention that I also chased them up about her appointment several times throughout the year in case anyone wonders} I was both relieved and nervous. I was nervous, because, if my history of Health visitors was anything to…

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Recipe – Puff Pastry Pizza

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Teletubbies are back!

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My Odeon Screen Unseen experience

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#Legotothemovies with George at Asda!

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Happy New Year & hello 2016!

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My New Year Goals!

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My 2015 Review Roundup!

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Merry Christmas!

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