Our Wedding Weight Loss Challenge!

It’s just over a year until our wedding day. O.M.G! I know in reality it’s a wee while away, but when we’re planning the day, it’s not that long away at all! So much to do and so little time, as the saying goes.
So we got to thinking, yes, I’m currently on Slimming world and doing well {albeit it, slowly!} but his food baby is getting bigger and bigger as the weeks go on. I’m not judging, not at all but it’s getting him down and I don’t like to see the man I love, unhappy. He has the ideas to get it sorted and lose it, but then life sweeps him up {like it does for us all} and before you know it, a month has passed and you’ve still not done anything about it.

So I came up with a plan to get us both properly motivated and losing the pounds for us to both feel super happy within ourselves on our Wedding day.

So welcome to post#1 of our Wedding Weight Loss Challenge!

Measuring woman's waistWoohoo!!

Saying that aloud always gets me pumped up! Just over a year for us to shed a stone or two is PLENTY of time, so no pressure but I’m really excited to seeing what our total weight loss will add up to be.
We both have aims and goals because we’re not the same size, men & woman lose weight differently and so on and with my idea to just go for it, support each other to help each other see it through being all well and good, the darling man decided to put a spin on it. He decided to make the challenge a little more interesting {God help me for agreeing to do this!}.

But he thought that dropping in the idea of whoever loses the most each month, gets to have the other one as a ‘slave for a day’. God.help.me. So there you have it, as he calls it, a decent incentive! #facepalm Men, right? But I agreed, so in his eyes it’s been set in stone so I need to REALLY get my butt into gear & beat this man so I don’t have to rub his smelly feet or sprinkle him with food he’s asked for! He’ll get himself a bell and everything, I know it. Ha!

So today is August 1st. Today it starts. This is when the gloves come off and this weight loss malarkey gets pretty real. I can’t let the Groom-to-be beat me, can I? 😉
wedding weight loss challengeOur starting weights are:

Bride-to-be – 13st 3lbs
Groom-to-be – 14st 9lbs

Each week we’ll be cancelling out one of our favourite things! This week is NO BREAD week! Check in next month to see what we’ve lost and who has to be the dreaded “Slave for a day!” 



  1. Chelsea
    01/08/2015 / 6:28 PM

    Good luck on your journey! I’ve just started mine too but I have a long 3 years until my wedding but a lot of weight to lose. Looking forward to reading your posts xx

    • 03/08/2015 / 7:44 AM

      Good cfor your missus! Weight loss is hard regardless of the time you have to reach your goal! x

  2. 01/08/2015 / 8:54 PM

    Are you competing on actual lbs lost or percentage like the day on Biggest Loser?
    Good luck to you both! Shall look forward to hearing how you get on x

    • 03/08/2015 / 7:43 AM

      We’re just going to go by lbs lost each month hun. Easier really but I think it makes the whole thing a lot more fun! x

  3. 01/08/2015 / 9:02 PM

    Good luck lovely. Weight loss is so much easier when you’re both doing it. Can’t wait to see how you get on x

    • 03/08/2015 / 7:42 AM

      I think so and its going so well so far! Trying to encourage him to still join up to SW with me. But he’s having NONE of it, lol! x

  4. 02/08/2015 / 10:30 AM

    This is great!! I always struggle loosing weight, because my partner isn’t always as in it than me! Great motivation!!
    Good luck, look forward to reading your updates xx

    • 03/08/2015 / 7:41 AM

      Hi Beth, thanks! It feels really positive with my partner doing it too! So here’s hoping! haha! x

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