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Christmas shoppingChristmas is such a magical yet mental time of year and I think of all of the months in a year, December goes by the quickest. Have you ever noticed that?  Well, I have and if I don’t stick to my daily plan of what we need etc I could potentially go into a mild form of panic! Because as a Super busy ‘Working from home’ Mum, finding the time to do my Christmas shopping with a toddler at my feet for attention & a work to-do list that is forever growing, is no easy feat.

Toddlers & to-do lists aside with 5 children to buy Christmas presents for I tend to start my Christmas shopping in June. However for my darling man who works in the city centre and uses his weekends to catch up on his uni degree assignments, he finds doing his Christmas shopping a little more difficult. When I’d hear from him throughout the day he’d tell me that he does a little Christmas shopping online on his lunch break in his office, as really that’s the only time he gets and he would never brave the shops! He’s not a fan of those festive queues, much like myself!

Obviously, he couldn’t use his work computer {and wouldn’t even if he could} due to certain internet restrictions, so he’d kick back with his lunch and use his mobile to do a little Christmas shopping online.
But when I thought about it, I realised all of the men in my life {Dad, Uncles etc} would do their Christmas shopping online at work. After a little research with I found out that men are more likely to spend work time to do some of their Christmas shopping than women. Apparently up to 48% of those admitted to shopping online for Christmas presents whilst and work, 50% said they never had {I reckon they’re telling some fibs!} and 2% preferred not to say.

I know from when I was a full-time working parent that I would find time during my work day, whether that was during my morning or mid-afternoon break or lunchtime, I’d find the time as I certainly couldn’t do it at afterwards.

Have you ever shopped for Christmas during your work day?

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