‘On the go’ tips in partnership with Rennie

From the name of my blog, it’s clear to see that I am a Super Busy Mum, and that goes for every aspect of my life. Rennie recently got in touch with me and asked me to share with you guys any tips that I thought I could share with you on how, as a busy stay at home Mum, I stay ‘on the go’ throughout our quite chaotic daily lives.

I never seem to stop and even when I do my brain just keeps going. I find myself getting up in the middle of the night to make lists and reminders {on my phone, with alarms in case I forget} because I think surely if I can get them out of my head, my head will calm down and allow me to sleep? Right! Nine times out of ten, this is not the case.

However, being slightly sleep deprived and ‘super busy’ there are a few things I need to make sure I do to help me take on my day whilst being ‘on the go’.

Having a big glass of cold water. Something to fire up my metabolism and to give my body a good morning jolt into action. Trust me. It works!

Being a busy Mum and having to keep up with the kid’s demands, after-school groups etc, having a backpack filled with a spare pair of clothes for the toddler, snacks, few toys {in case we’re taking a bus}, headache tablets {you never know!} etc. Saves time and helps me  cover all the angles if/when we’re out and about. I mean, do you remember the days being caught without a spare pair of clothes for the kid who’s just had an accident, or….lacked in snacks with a hangry child? Don’t be caught out! 

– Making sure to eat {preferrably at the right times}. Eating right is essential if you want to be in top form during your busy lifestyle. I know if I don’t eat right, then I fade halfway through the day, and that last half of the day can last a lifetime! And us ‘on the go’ parents don’t get a proper sit down until the kids are in bed, am I right? Beware of heartburn, though, that’s an unpleasant invasion if there ever was one.

– Making sure I get a full nights sleep is also another tip of mine to keep you going throughout your busy day. I mean, everyone’s busy day is different, right? You could be out & about working full time, travelling and exploring around somewhere amazing or even being a stay at home parent {like myself}; it’s all busy, hectic, fun & amazing. So making sure you get at least 8hrs sleep a night is so so essential.

So those are a few of my tips & insights on how I stay ‘on the go’ throughout my pretty hectic days.

Do you have any tips to share that helps you stay ‘on the go’?

*This is a collaborative post with Rennie.


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