I find it completely bonkers that sharing this post marks the final day of the month of November. It’s pretty crazy, right? Tomorrow will be the first day of December, and the children will be excited about opening Day#1 of their advent calendars.

Talking about calendars, the chocolate ones seem to be going out of fashion {have you noticed?}, which makes sense due to the amount of sweet related goodies we can all indulge in over Christmas. But lately I’ve seen the new trend of Playmobil, Lego & Yankee Advent Calendars. I’ll make a promise to myself here & now, that next year I will have a Yankee calendar advent for myself. I cannot wait to see how my youngest loves her Playmobil Advent!
playmobil advent calendarSo November, what have we done, seen etc. The month started off with the most beautiful weather to the point it was called our “delayed summer”. On November 1st I kid you not, the kids {including the darling man} was out in shorts & t-shirts. Bonkers.
Annabelle was officially potty trained in November. She even got taken out to buy her own underwear, and of course, it all had to be Frozen related. She is obsessed with Elsa at the moment, it’s so sweet and of course if she was getting pants, she had to get the socks too and Mummy wasn’t to question.
novemberThis is a total TMI moment, but she also achieved her first number two in the big toilet {not the potty! Huzzah!} and after two days of prancing and anxious finger biting she finally gave it up and regardless of it being half eight at night, a promise was a promise and we walked for ice-cream.
potty trainingI made a delicious batch of Rolo ritz crackers…absolutely yum and seriously naughty {and I only had 2, promise!}. You can find those here. Your welcome.
rolo ritz crackersThis month saw me having a mini meltdown. Not coping with things isn’t anything to be ashamed of and if I’m honest, the tantrums of my toddler and her attitude and tempers were wearing me down and eventually reduced me to tears. It’s not something I am proud of, being reduced to a broken mess like that, but it was needed for me to bounce back with a cast iron ‘tantrum-proof’ body armour.
12305463_891315357620623_621031400_n 12325390_891315284287297_170614983_nI received my first ever Bloggers #SecretSanta that was all organised by the lovely Beth from Life as Mum. Kudos to her as she did an amazing job and whoever my Secret Santa was I’d love for you to come forward, haha. Also, another BIG thank you for my lovely collection of gorgeous gifts. 12305843_891315814287244_1504367401_nAs well as #SecretSanta, November also saw me receive a utterly exciting #AutumnSurpriseProject from the lovely blogger! All organised by the talented and unstoppable Lucy from Captured by Lucy.
autumn surprise projectNovember has been a busy month for sure, but instead of me rabbiting on and making this post a mile long, I’ll leave you with snapshots of our November.
12333179_891315470953945_1882617258_o12319366_891316034287222_632891793_n12312358_891315640953928_1937873507_nmotherhood in a nutshellNothing like answering the door to the postman mid game of a Butthead game with the toddler!
12312118_891315734287252_1206975529_n12305505_891315740953918_815523939_n12319438_891315954287230_415583653_n12314866_891316094287216_1718800818_oOh and I also got my first ink in AGES for charity {Alzhiemers NI & Autism NI} and in the very cool venue of the Crumlin Road Gaol in Belfast. I got inked by the talented Colour House Tattoos and I got a beautiful memorial Moth for my wee Mummy.
tattoo by colour house tattoo belfastNovember has been a fun, stressful and exciting month. Lots going on, lots to do and lots to come! I cannot wait for December tomorrow and better still, the elf-related antics that come with it. 😉

Have you had a lovely November?


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