Nominating my favourite Park with Fields in Trust Charity #ParkMoments

Nominating our favourite park withTrust in Fields Charity#ParkMomentsRecently Fields in Trust, which is a National charity got in touch asking me to nominate my favourite park for their #ParkMoments Campaign. Living in Newtownabbey there has been a rise in local parks getting a revamp, such as Loughshore Park a few years ago, and more recently V36 over by the Valley Leisure Centre. Both are amazing parks, however if there was going to be a park for me to nominate it would have to be the Marina Play Park in Carrickfergus, which is luckily just a short train ride away. It’s the sort of park that I am more than happy to travel on a train to get too, and it’s always been a great hit with the kids.
marina play parkOne of the main reasons I love this park is, as the Parent, I don’t feel as stressed when my children are let loose to play. There are gates at either side, beautiful surrounding scenery and not only is everything in play park super cool, but it also shares some history too.
For example, one of the Marina Play Park constructs is a giant play ship that acts as a climbing frame, hosts multiple slides, bridges and more and it’s called the RESULT.
schooner resultmarina play park the resultIt’s a replica of an old Schooner ship that was built in Carrickfergus around 120yrs ago. The Result was a special kind of sailing ship, known as a ‘Schooner’ and the Result was the last steel & wooden schooner to be built in the local shipyard in its time. You can read more on the Result here.
DSC_3379DSC_3383DSC_3344This park is so vast that my photos just do not do it justice. It is colourful, full of interesting constructs, swings, slides & roundabouts, and so much more.
DSC_3360DSC_3350There are giant balance see-saws, zip lines, spinning monkey bars and I could quite honestly go on. There is literally something for everyone, of all ages and I also love how the entire groundwork of the play park has been laid with wet pour surfacing, making it both hard wearing and a slip resistant surface.
DSC_3380DSC_3348DSC_3353DSC_3367This park gets our vote, 100%, for the 2015 Field in Trusts Annual Awards, and I am now going to encourage you to vote for your favourite park and you can do so right here. So go forth and cast your votes for your favourite Park!

If you were to nominate your favourite park, which would it be & why!? 

Disclosure: I was approached by Fields in Trust to nominate my favourite park for their #ParkMoments campaign. All thoughts, photos & opinions are my own. 


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