New words!

At the beginning of July, my two middle older children flew off to Spain with their Dad & Grandparents to have a holiday, whereas back home it was just little Belle and me {with the darling man at work throughout the day}.

In truth, I felt incredibly lost without the older children at home and I think Annabelle was feeling it too. Having our home go from pretty crazy, fun and noisy, to quiet so fast was pretty weird, and I don’t think either of us liked that one bit.

However, on the other side of the coin, it was amazing having that constant one on one time with my littlest one and it gave us time to actually see each other and truly spend time with it being just the two of us.
New words1Due to being able to have that one on one time with her, she and I were able to connect so much more which was just amazing and for her, it was awesome because she had Mummy’s 100% attention & focus, which has really proven to be helpful to her because she’s learned some new words.

Now, this is exciting because Annabelle {if your a new reader} has delayed speech, or what I think to be delayed speech. But lately her new words have been flowing, ish!

Well, the first half of those new words anyway!
New words 3Here are her latest new words: 

Stuck without the “uck” – She goes “Sttaa!” “Sttaa!” which is just adorable. She knows what it means to be “Stuck” and I love that she is able to use it in its right context.

Hat without the “t”. She’ll say “Haa!” “Haa!”. I just hope she’ll eventually grasp the ability to add the “t” onto the end.

Juice without the “ce”. You can see a theme here huh!? She’ll say the first half of words and leave the ends off, haha! It’s very cute. But with juice, she’ll say “Jui!” “Jui!” and I think it’s just bloody brilliant!

There is another new word and this one she says can say perfectly. It’s a bit of a random word to pick up but either way, it’s exciting.

Sweets without the “eets!” , I just love how she is making the “sw” sound.
New words 2She’s also trying to say Ball & Balloon {they come out like “Baluu”}, so the lips are working together to make that “B” sound which is amazing.  But this list of new words for her is very exciting and I cannot wait to hear more!

She’s just over two & a half now and I cannot wait for the day when she can talk the leg off a stool, and the pair of us can enjoy some seriously good chats together.

Has your little one(s) said any new words lately? 



  1. Sophie
    19/07/2015 / 7:59 PM

    awhh so exciting!!Her face!! It feels like lots of words jumble out at once, Ophelia has started saying her name, which is so cute but also means everything is “Ophelia’s”.

    • 19/07/2015 / 8:37 PM

      Ahaha, don’t be fooled by that face she can be trouble with a capital “T” 😉 But thanks and your wee one, hahaha, everything is hers. That’s so, so cute!

  2. 21/07/2015 / 12:42 PM

    It’s more still at the sounds stage rather than word stage but Jaxon can now make a sound like Ra! Which we figured is Our Sidekick! He can do Mama and Dada pretty well but everyone is Dada lol. He often goes off on something resembling a sentence but it’s all odd sounds rather than actual words but he’s definitely more verbal than he was at 10 months.

  3. Jennifer {The Hollyhock Door}
    22/07/2015 / 4:48 AM

    So adorable! My son only did the ends of words at that age, which got pretty confusing when driving and he’d yell “-ane!” and we’d have to madly guess, “plane? train? crane?”. #mmwbh

  4. zoe dunn
    22/07/2015 / 9:23 AM

    She looks so much like you!! So pleased to hear she’s picking up new words. To help my little boy remember words and make it a bit more fun I would pick a silly voice for the word and consistently use that voice when saying it to help him remember. Or I would over exaggerate the word like balloon I would say to him BAAA-Loooooooon. So he could see my mouth working. I must have looked a right mentalist to people passing by but he loved it. It became a real game. Sometimes kids just work at their own speed sounds like she’s doing brilliant! #MMWBH

  5. 22/07/2015 / 12:17 PM

    Ahhh, now this means a lot to me. Toddler Adams is almost exactly the same age and she’s saying all sorts of words. Only thing is she’s getting her sentence structures slightly wrong “Can I want some cerial daddy” instead of “can I have” “Will you sit from me” instead of “will you sit next to me”.

    Anyway, before too long I’m sure you little one will be quoting Shakespear! Thanks fo rhosting #MMWBH

  6. Kerry
    22/07/2015 / 12:23 PM

    Charlie & Noah are going to London with their grandparents at the start of August, so it will be just the littlest, Elodie (10 months) at home. I think it will be very strange and unusually quiet! Xxx #ShareWithMe

  7. Silly Mummy
    22/07/2015 / 1:32 PM

    How sweet (sorry, ‘swe’)! She’s adorable. lovely for her to have had all your attention for a little while. #MMWBH

  8. 22/07/2015 / 4:50 PM

    Hooray for Annabelle! Those are wonderful words and very fitting for a 2.5 year old, if you ask me. My daughter says some words the same way. The only difference is she repeats the same syllable twice. So, juice is “ju”, but she’ll say “ju ju” instead. It’s quite a delight hearing them communicate isn’t it?

    Thanks for hosting this week! So happy to always be a part of #mmwbh. Wishing you a great rest of the week 🙂

  9. Emma's Mamma
    22/07/2015 / 7:53 PM

    Aw what a cutie! I remember when my then two year old niece used to talk and I could barely understand what she said. Now, my daughter has started talking and to me it’s so clear what she’s saying but I’m guessing it’s not to other people. It’s so cute how they pronounce their words in their own way! #MMWBH

  10. 22/07/2015 / 10:58 PM

    I love when I get any one on one time with my mini monsters, although it doesn’t happen very often. Love your pictures and so glad you enjoyed your time. My 5 year old didn’t say a word until he was 2 and now he never shuts up! lol Thanks again for hosting #MMWBH

  11. 22/07/2015 / 11:39 PM

    Aw that is lovely you got some one on one time. And brilliant she has new words, I love it when they say a new word, it’s so amazing! Today Tyler said ‘secret’ – don’t know if that is good thing! Sabrina xx #MMWBH

  12. Lissette
    23/07/2015 / 4:58 AM

    My little guy is a talker! He’ll be 2 on Sunday and he has a fairly decent vocabulary – at least to me. The great part is he says everything in a sing-song tone. For example, he recently learned to say pizza, but instead of just saying pizza (which he pronounces pippa) he’s say PI-ppa, with emphasis in on the PI. I taught him to say “agua” instead of water because it’s easier to pronounce (I really should be teaching him more spanish), and he’ll say aaah-GUA? It’s very cute. I do love this stage since they are learning all these new words, especially since they can’t really pronounce things right.

    • 23/07/2015 / 8:26 AM

      How amazing is that! I have been advised to try the words in sing song approach, so that’s going to be put into practice as of today and see how it goes. Oh and it’s totally adorable when they can’t pronounce things right, goodness knows what they’ll come off with next, haha.

  13. 24/07/2015 / 10:15 AM

    Oh, this is delightful. My daughter is pre-verbal, and I know how amazing it is to see them taking those steps towards speaking, even if they aren’t 100% there yet. Congratulations, and what a cutie. #MMWBH

    • 24/07/2015 / 10:37 AM

      Thanks so much! Its VERY exciting to see her finally turning those corners she needs to, to go into full chatty mode you know! x

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