The new parents guide to taking kids on Holiday

A New parents guide to taking the1
Does the thought of taking your kids on holiday fill you with more dread than dragging them round the supermarket on a Saturday? Are you left cold at the prospect of strapping them in on a plane and keeping them entertained for 2-4 hours, because (after all) it’s the travelling that causes the most issues when it comes to kids and holidays?

Never fear new parents, here’s the ultimate guide filled with top tips when it comes to taking your kids on their first holiday!

1. Check your hotel provides everything

A family-friendly hotel is essential when it comes to planning a successful first holiday. You’ll find tour operators offering high-quality kids holidays that include great food, entertainment and a huge pool for them to dive in and out of. Just be sure to phone ahead and check that the hotel provides essential items such as high chairs and cots.

2. Pack plenty of activities

Needless to say, kids don’t have the longest attention span so it’s important you pack as many easy to carry activities as you can. Think colouring books, handheld games consoles, action figures and packs of cards to hold their attention when travelling or in the evening while everyone is getting ready for dinner.

3. Be prepared to give up your luggage space

Don’t expect to be able to take those eight pairs of shoes on holiday with you – your little one wants to take their giant stuffed bear that they can’t be without! Be prepared to compromise on your space for your kids to ensure your holiday runs smoothly. Spare nappies, extra hats and dummies are also going to take up more space and are important to pack.

4. Plan in naps

Naps are important, simply because no one wants a grumpy three-year-old screaming in the dining hall because they didn’t get a couple of hours sleep that afternoon. Either put them in a shaded spot or plan to take them up to the room a couple of hours before you intend on going back for showers.

5. Pack plenty of sun creamMany parents don’t realise just how damaging the suns rays are and how quickly children burn, which is why it’s a good idea to pack more sun cream than you think you might need and in the strongest factor you can find.

Plan to top up sun cream every hour and a half, and try to keep kids in the shade for small periods of time throughout the day to protect them from sunburn. Be careful when it comes to sun cream and avoid oily types to prevent issues such as prickly heat arising.

6. Take the medicine box

Kids are more likely than you to feel a little peaky on holiday, which is why you should be prepared with everything you think you might need, from child’s paracetamol medicine to insect repellent and antihistamines.

7. Plan on drinking plenty of water

Dehydration can be a real issue while on holiday in a new sunny place, so ensure your kids are taking in plenty of water to avoid feeling poorly later.

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  1. Sonia
    25/03/2016 / 5:49 PM

    Some great tips! Sunsuits are a great buy, they protect your child’s skin from the sun and make the ‘sun cream battle’ much easier! Having had a few ear infections on holiday, we always take ear plugs so that they can still go in the pool. Xx

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