My top 5 Photography must haves!

top 5 photography must havesI have had a love of photography since my Granny bought me my own 35mm camera when I was about 10yrs old, bought with £2.99 postage and 30 coke a cola labels would you believe!
482x318x2Fast forward 20+yrs and the world of photography has dramatically changed and I’m proud to say that I’ve hung onto that love for all these years so I figured I’d share with you my 5 top photography essentials for any keen photographers out there.

#1 My camera. Over the years I’ve used many models, from my much-loved 35mm bought for me by my dear Granny Thomas to a super old Fujifilm digital camera with a 2in display window {torture!}, to my first DSLR which was a Canon 300D, to upgrade to a Canon 550D and then convert over to the Nikon side with a 3000D.
nikon_d3000_by_nikonguy757-d7rh8od#2 Anyone with a DSLR should have a remote shutter release device. These things are AMAZINGLY cheeky and super handy to have. I only bought one recently and I’ve never looked back. It’s certainly one of my favourite little gadgets for being able to get into the photo rather than forever being behind the lens.
4730_ML-L3-Wireless-Remote-Control-(Infrared)#3 I couldn’t be without my tripod. It’s totally my go to product for when I need to take photos of a stable object with a slightly slower shutter speed than usual {or a family shot of us all!}. Alongside using my remote shutter, my camera is held in the perfect position, perfectly still, enabling me to capture the shot I need. My tripod also goes down into a size that enables me to fit into my handbag. Bonus!
field-tripod-46lar#4 I’ve used quite a few lens with previously owned DSLR models and I have to say out of them all, my most favoured lens is without a doubt the 50mm prime lens. Is it undoubtedly the most underestimated lens on the market for only £100 it’s a complete steal. The crispness and depth of field this lens gifts you with is just perfection {This is currently in my birthday wish list!}.
Using_prime_lenses.nik50_18d#5 My lens pal! I made this little fella up a year or so ago to have something to encourage my youngest, Annabelle, to look to the camera. It works a treat too. These are really easy to make so why not have a go?
993659_477805242304972_1545275338_nSo that’s my personal top 5 photography must haves!

Are you a keen photographer? If so, what’s your top ‘go-to’ product for your photography? I’d love to hear all about it!



  1. 04/05/2015 / 6:43 AM

    Amazing trick re the lens pals, love it! We adore our 50mm lens too, beautiful shots with a nice soft background. I’ve neglected my SLR lately but you’ve inspired me xx

  2. Amy Squires
    04/05/2015 / 11:18 AM

    I love your lens buddy! Such a brilliant and cute way to get the kids to look at the lens!

    • 04/05/2015 / 11:22 AM

      Thanks! Super cute and REALLY easy to rustle up! x

  3. 04/05/2015 / 11:04 PM

    A tripod is next on my shopping list along with some macro filters x

  4. 06/05/2015 / 7:54 PM

    I so want a proper camera! I use my iphone for just about everything – I mean the handy thing is it is always there but it just doesn’t have quite the professionalism of a real camera. It’s on my wishlist to get one at some point for sure! Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

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