My top 10 Wedding Favour Ideas!

Wedding favour boxes with dior bow and pearlsWhen my darling man proposed to me last Christmas it really didn’t take long for me to start planning our big day. It’s certainly not a job to do on a whim, or to be taken lightly because there really is a 101 things to consider, arrange, organise and plan for your special day.

One of my latest jobs has been trying to decide what Wedding favour to supply our guests with and I thought I’d share my ideas with you gorgeous lot!
top ten wedding favour ideas


Homemade fudge – I love the idea of happily making batch after batch of delicious handmade fudge to give to guests. All flavours and there are easy to follow recipes all over the internet too. 0

Lottery ticket or Scratch card – This favour idea is a lot of fun and it would be really exciting if someone on your guest list got a decent win too!

A miniature bottle of alcohol – I think having an array of Just miniatures bottles of alcohol make for a great Wedding favour idea. Plus they’re super cute too!

A little jar of sweet treats – Having a little sweet treat to nibble on before your dinner arrives is always a winner too. I absolutely love little sweetie Wedding favours.

Handmade soap – This is yet another idea my daughter and I would love to do together. I just think anything homemade screams ‘personal touch’ and everyone loves something that’s been homemade. Also, can you imagine how amazing the reception room would smell with countless little bars of soap!

Chocolate Lollipop – Obviously you’d have moustaches for the boys and lips for the girls! Another sweet treat idea and also something a little fun too! I can see the Instagram selfies for these already!

A donation to a chosen charity – I just adore this idea. A load of money spent on sweets and other favours could all be put into a very worthwhile cause. Perhaps one that you & your family have been affected by too.

Plant favour – Either supplying each guest with a little tiny plant potted cactus or you can have a cute little basket filled with packets of seeds saying “Love grows” or something equally cute!

Voucher for a free drink at the bar – Now I know this is a super fun idea to sprinkle over your Wedding tables. Something everyone will love and appreciate too. Who doesn’t love a free drink eh?

Candles – you can either keep on the DIY route and make them yourself or you can check out places online for candle melts {yankee etc} and have those as your Wedding favours.

So there you go, my top ten wedding favour ideas! I hope I have given you a little inspiration with some of my ideas and all the best with the rest of your wedding planning!

What was your Wedding favour? Or if you’re planning your wedding, like us, what wedding favour have you decided on?

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  1. 22/09/2015 / 9:07 PM

    We had little packs of pencils and colouring pads for the kids and I honestly can’t remember for the grown ups! It was very important then! I like the idea of the little ticket for a drink at the bar, for one thing, this is likely to go down well but also be as cheap or cheaper than something that many people would throw away anyway.

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