My Siblings | May 2017

I’m a little late with my sibling’s project post this month. I guess I am in denial that I am even writing up their ‘May madness’ antics already. That’s exactly what May has been for us too, madness! My three younger children go through phases in their relationships. Some days will be lovely and go by with barely a hitch and other days I wish I could click my fingers to just *POOF* away to somewhere else for a breather. Two kids bickering is frustrating but when there is three of them all barking at each other for this reason or that reason – ugh – it gets annoying.

May has given us some glorious weather, and for Northern Ireland, the sunshine is far from a regular thing. In fact, it’s a real treat when the sun has his hat on. All the sunshine has also made my children grow an inch or three! My girls especially are shooting up like weeds at the moment whereas my little Jakey is still waiting on his growth spurt. The poor kid has his Mums ‘shorty bum’ genes, but I am hopeful he’ll make a sprout soon enough. He’s so sweet though, it’s clear he’s frustrated with being short but he’s so cute about it because he says “It’s OK, Mummy. Sure good things come in small packages!”.

Siblings in May
Siblings in May
Siblings in May
I really need to start bringing my DLSR with me when we pop out, but it’s just so bulky! Does anyone else have this problem? If only they made dinky DLSR cameras, now that would be cool, right?

In May, Ellie has been loving: Drawing. She’s going through so many doodle books and paper. She’s even made up and designed her own character that she hopes to develop into a comic book. Quite impressive. She’s asked for Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Character {an animation program} for her birthday along with a graphics tablet. So it seems I have a serious artist on my hands. Ellie is also revising for her Year 8 Summer exams and has also decided that she would like to be a zookeeper when she finishes school.

Jacob has been loving Overwatch {nothing new there}. He’s a very simple little boy when it comes to the things he loves. They rarely change. He has been doing more reading eggs and mathletics every day which has been lovely to see and with the lighter evenings has been out playing with friends for longer. 

Annabelle has been loving Minecraft. She’s become quite the little miner. My littlest lady has been loving the good weather and the lighter evenings. This combination means she can stay outside playing with your friends for longer – also a bonus!

Siblings project


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