My Odeon Screen Unseen experience

Just before Christmas, I was approached by Studio Canal with a very secretive & quite exciting opportunity to go and experience an Odeon screen unseen movie at my local cinema. The ‘screen unseen’ part is basically going to see an exclusive preview screening and you have no idea what movie you’re seeing until those curtains go up!

The other thing I loved about going to a screen unseen viewing was knowing that we would be one of the few people around the country to be seeing this movie first and the movies they show are always guaranteed to get you talking and excited!

The movie we saw was called Room, and it wasn’t what we expected it to be, in fact, it was more than we ever thought it was going to be – and then some. It was a highly emotional movie, funny, charming, intense, scary & beautiful. I remember walking out of the screening and I felt exhausted from the roller coaster of emotions we were just put through – but it was a movie that I’ve been raving about since!
room-movie-poster-01-972x1440If it wasn’t for this Screen unseen event that the Odeon, then I’ll be honest, Room would never have been a movie that I would have chosen to see independently. Being a big action and horror buff, {and also someone who doesn’t get out very often to even go to the movies} it’s not a movie that would have caught my eye, which I think is a huge shame because the movie, quite frankly, is epic!

The Odeons Screen unseen is certainly, without a doubt, an experience that I will attend again because it’s an exciting way of going to the movies. Certainly something a little different, also, if you’ve not seen {or heard} of Room, please do check it out – it’s an oscar worthy movie without a shadow of a doubt and if you don’t walk out of the movie once it’s over feeling jaw-droppingly in awe and inspired, then I’ll eat my hat!

A huge thank you to Studio canal for sending me and a friend to view Room through a Screen unseen experience at the Odeon.



  1. susanna
    05/01/2016 / 8:42 AM

    I read the book and it haunted me so am was a bit reluctant to see it. Maybe now after I’ve read this. x

    • 05/01/2016 / 8:46 AM

      I’ll admit, some parts of the movie are seriously hard to watch. Seriously hard. But as a whole the movie is truly unmissable and an epic watch. x

  2. 05/01/2016 / 10:33 PM

    Ooh I’m going to watch this tomorrow night – on my own. This is a mistake isn’t it?! ! ?

    • 05/01/2016 / 10:37 PM

      Ooh you are! Fabulous. I’m not going to lie – it’s a tough watch. Especially as a parent, but it is a truly amazing movie. I cannot wait to hear what you think when you see it.

  3. 06/01/2016 / 1:27 PM

    I’ll confess to not having heard of this movie, but I’ll keep my eyes open for it now

  4. 06/01/2016 / 5:59 PM

    This sounds interesting, I haven’t heard of the movie (we have been to the cinema once since mia was born over 2yrs ago!) but I love going to the cinema so I will have to look out for it. What a great experience though, to not know what your going to see until it actually starts! I think its a great idea and great that you saw something you wouldn’t have actually ‘picked’ to see! 🙂


  5. 06/01/2016 / 6:29 PM

    I’ve been a few screenings before and found it really interesting to watch something I wouldn’t normally pick. I’ve not heard of the book or the film but am curious now, thank you! #MMWBH

  6. 06/01/2016 / 11:57 PM

    What a great idea! We never go to the cinema these days, we tend to wait until movies are on sky as it’s cheaper to watch from home. I’ve not heard of this film but will look out for it! #mmwbh

  7. 07/01/2016 / 12:18 AM

    Quite a strange but fun idea going to a film and not knowing what genre it’ll be, it’s mainly kid’s films that I get to see in the cinema nowadays 🙂

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