My New Year Goals!

2016 new year goalsOk let me start by saying I know having a ‘New Year’ set of goals is suuuper cliche, but I do. As a blogger, 2015 for me was pretty darn exciting and I can only, therefore, look forward to 2016 as a year that will be even more exciting for me as I continue to grow my little corner of the internet.

So, what goals do I hope to achieve in 2016?

First of all, being more organised is a key goal for the new year. Being a stay at home Mum, having a ship {house} to run & tiny humans to tend too can be hard work. In fact, some days, I’m convinced I need cloning, or a maid, to help me end my day on a successful note. Sometimes I get a victory and sometimes my to-do list cannot be done {mostly due to lack of energy combined with not enough hours in the day!} but I am hoping 2016 will bring me lots of energy and new year gumption to stay organised.

Another new year goal is to improve my photography skills. Photography has always been a big part of my life and lately I feel as though that love has been slipping through my fingers. At the moment I’m only working with a Nikon D3000 with an 18-55mm lens {or my mobile phone!}, so my first port of call is to pick up some new lens {mainly a 50mm prime lens!} and take more time to capture beautiful, unrepeatable moments to share with my readers.

I also plan to schedule posts better. I think I used to be {my memory is awful!} a blogger who posted on certain days but somehow, somewhere along the way that scheduled routine went to pot. The posts I’ve been sharing in 2015 have been so random and lacking in specific days to post that it all feels immensely chaotic. So that needs some serious attention and I really hope I can keep to my ‘days to post’ plan throughout the new year.

One of the goals I had for 2015 {like so many others} went to the dogs, and that was to share my Me & Mine & Siblings posts each month. Having something like that to look back on will be amazing – I just need to stick to it in 2016!

I would also love to {and plan too!} share more recipe posts with you guys. So much so I am already planning those weekly recipes {to be shared on Fridays} right now! It won’t be my Toddler treats {sadly – however I am looking to hopefully start those up again if I can find the time!} but they will be a compilation of desserts, meals, snacks, party food ideas and more.

Lastly, I’d like to be able to blog full time by the end of 2016. I understand this is a pretty hefty goal to achieve, but I am hopeful {by how 2015 was for my blog} that it is something that can be achieved.

So, those are my new year goals – what are yours? 



  1. Becky
    29/12/2015 / 6:46 AM

    Good luck with your goals and may you new year be awsome

  2. There's always time for tea
    29/12/2015 / 9:14 AM

    Great Goals! I need to sit down and make mine! xx

  3. Sarah
    29/12/2015 / 9:40 AM

    Full-time blogger sounds like a great goal to make and set. Very achievable! So keep ‘er lit!

  4. Rachel @ Parenthood Highs and Lows
    29/12/2015 / 10:23 AM

    Good luck with them all Deborah – look forward to reading your blog in 2016! Happy new year xx

  5. Rachel @ Parenthood Highs and Lows
    29/12/2015 / 10:23 AM

    Good luck with them all Deborah – look forward to reading your blog in 2016! Happy new year xx

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