My irritational fear of the Dentist

Everyone has an irritational fear of something. Whether it be spiders, small spaces, the dark or even the more obscure fears such as balloons, buttons, and even olives. My irritational fear is the dentist. Whether that has been produced by watching Little Shop of Horrors one too many times {you know the scene I am on about!}, who knows. But my dental fear is real, it goes deep and it is something I doubt nobody will ever change my mind about.

It may even shock you to know that I haven’t been to a dentist since I was 21yr old. I’m now 36. My teeth are fine as I’ve never needed anything more than a filling {the last one I needed was in my teens} and I’ve always taken good care of them. However, the other day I managed to be a complete plonker and I slipped on my stairs resulting in me face planting said stairs and losing one of my teeth. I LOST A TOOTH! You can only image the horror that coursed through me because I knew that to get it fixed, I would have to face my fears.

Apparently, to get it fixed I’d need a root treatment {whatever that is – I’m too afraid to google it} followed having a crown fitted. Which the crown I’d love to have fitted does not go into my mouth. How much does that suck! Anyways! That’s where I am currently at. I have an appointment, which, due to parenthood, lack of babysitters etc I’m unsure if I can even make! Because, how can I possibly go to an hour long appointment with 3 children in tow? So I’m currently in limbo, waiting, to see if my husband can get the time off.

My stomach is in knots. The last time I sat in a dental chair {aged 21}, I cried. Just due to the fear of them delving into my mouth with those scary-assed tools that they use too. I have no idea how my appointment will go. Will I make it? If I do how will I cope? Will I sit in the chair and more importantly, will my fear get the better of me and make me cry, aged 36 in a dentist’s chair? I just wish they could knock me clean out, do whatever it is they need to do and I can wake up {granted, in pain} but it would have been done. What’s that famous saying? “What I don’t see won’t hurt me!” THATS WHAT I NEED TO GET ME THROUGH THIS! To not see it.

Do you have dental fear? 

D xx



  1. 12/09/2016 / 10:33 PM

    I too developed a fear of the dentist but with time I have learnt to deal with it. Deep breaths and find that babysitter!

  2. 07/10/2016 / 10:57 PM

    I’m scared of anything to do with blood. Recently I had to go for a blood test and I had to tell the doc about it. Good for me she was very kind and understanding and distracted me well enough for me to not even realize when it was over.

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