My Challenge to ‘Style my Man’ #SP

I have never had much fashion sense. Hell, I used to think I looked so fly in my baggy jeans and flannel shirts back in my teenage years {no joke, sadly!} and we’ll not even go into detail about my never-off-my-head-baseball-hat covered in badges. What can I say, I was an 80/90s child!

Thankfully, 20yrs on my fashion sense has improved, not massively, but I make things work – however, when my darling man gave me a cheeky little challenge to ‘style-him-up’ I knew I had to have a go. I was sure that he would be simple enough to style considering I knew what clothing styles he favoured.

Knowing that my man loves his jeans, jumpers and shirts, he was pretty easy to style. I also decided to style him up somewhere he would usually never shop, so I hopped over to the men’s section of French Connection to have a little online shop for him.

Style my man
I┬álove this look that I have picked out for my darling man. It’s very him, comfy and stylish – also perfect for lots of occasions. He is also one of these men who dislikes bringing out coats if he is popping out. Whether that be for dinner with me, drinks with friends or out with work, he just isn’t a coat person, which is why I chose this lovely Quarter zip knitted jumper for him to wear over the top of his shirt.

I’m happy with my choices to ‘style my man’ – but what do you think? Is the above choices something your man would wear?

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  1. 28/01/2016 / 9:01 PM

    I would love to style my other half as I hate some of the things he wears , although my fashion sense is not so great either. You can come and style us both if you like, haha xx

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