My Boho Wishlist

As I’m heading to Sicily in July, my main fashion focus is aimed squarely at my holiday wardrobe. With nothing but days of rest and relaxation headed my way (which I sorely need after the hectic few weeks I’ve had), of course, I need the very best attire to match it, but where to start?

Recently, I’ve found myself leading towards the boho style this summer. There are some stunning designs, patterns and accessories on the high street right now, so if you’d like to know my top four, keep reading!

1. The patterned maxi

This is a staple summer-wardrobe favourite, but it’s certainly been given a twist this year. Whether you want a bold Aztec print, a monochrome masterpiece, or a simple, white lace, off-the-shoulder number to emphasise your tan, you’ll be able to find it this year. But why is the maxi so popular?

Although you could blame fashion magazines, I think it comes down to the simple fact that they are so versatile. You can wear the same maxi to the beach as you would to a fancy restaurant, just by changing your flip-flops for heels and adding some stunning jewellery.

2. Boho charm bracelet

Speaking of jewellery, something else at the top of my wish-list has to be the beautiful boho jewellery at ChloBo. These jewellery specialists make handmade pieces based on cultural references from around the world, so this is the perfect addition to any boho wardrobe. Personally, I like the use of pearl instead of metal as it’s far more natural for a summer look, and I’d definitely have a feather charm to match.

With charms representing luck, spirituality, peace, happiness and protection, these elegant pieces make a beautiful addition to any summer outfit, but ChloBo makes them far more delicate than any other brand to date.

3. Festival headwear

Don’t you just love festivals? Okay, so they may not be well known for cleanliness, but the fun and relaxed atmosphere is something that can’t be beaten. You’ll need to have the appropriate attire, though, and that means headwear. It could be a gold chain, a vibrant bandana or a floral headpiece to pin into the side of your tousled fishtail plait, but the proper festival headwear is essential for the summer boho woman.

4. Tribal trousers

The harem trouser has been given a unique twist of late, and I couldn’t be happier about it. The tribal trouser has made its way firmly onto my boho wish list for two reasons: first of all, I just love the incredible colours – I have my eye on a stunning turquoise pair. Secondly, they are so comfortable; luckily, holiday fashion is all about relaxation, and paired with a white, over-sized gypsy tee, I can’t wait to wear these walking the cobbled streets of Sicily.

I hope you enjoyed my top four boho trends; I’ll be picking these up just before my trip. What’s in your summer wardrobe?

Disclosure: This is a collaborative from Digitize. 


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