Mums on the Go: Different Ways to Feed Your Family on a Budget

How many times have we dealt with the dilemma of trying to figure out what to make for dinner for your family? All too many times I’m sure.

I often times, get stuck in a habit of making the same things all the time for my family. I mean, I’ll ask everyone in the house what they want for dinner, and they’ll say it doesn’t matter, or they don’t care…and my favourite, “whatever you want babe.”

When I get responses like that, I go to my oldie but goodies…it’s food I know my family enjoys and I know it won’t get wasted. I really can’t stand when food is wasted.

When I was a child, if the food was wasted, my grandmother would make me sit at the table until I ate all the food off of my plate. I don’t enforce those rules with my children, but sometimes I think I should.

I’m a mom of three, and I have finally discovered how to break up the monotony of cooking the same types of meals for my family on a weekly basis while on a strict budget. We’ll look at some ways you can feed your family delicious meals without breaking the bank.

Become Besties with Beans and Rice

Beans are a little-known kitchen secret that not too many think about. Now, my grandparents and people my grandparent’s age know all about the power of beans.

As a kid, some of the best meals I ever ate consisted of beans. They’re very filling and also good for you. Adding beans to a meal can stretch a meal a couple days out. If you have a crock-pot, you can make all kinds of meals with beans (dried or canned beans).

One of my favourite meals I make is chilli. Chilli is a universal meal that everyone loves. When I make chilli, I make it in the crock-pot. For the most part, I use canned beans. With beans being so filling, you can actually cut your hamburger meat down and add more beans. It still tastes the same, but it also aids in stretching your food budget a little bit further.

Another meal you can try is red beans and rice. My family absolutely loves red beans and rice. With this meal, I actually use dried pinto beans. A helpful tip with dried beans is to prep for it the night before.

I’ll get my big bag of dried beans and soak them overnight. Doing this helps to soften the beans so they won’t take as long to cook. So I’ll get up the next morning, and pour the beans in the crock-pot and add water and seasoning (the crock-pot is my cooking saviour). You can season your beans how you like, but I season my beans with chicken bouillon and pepper.

Once you’ve seasoned it, turn the dial on low, put the lid on it and let it cook for at least 3-5 hours. If you’re at home to check on it, feel free to pop your head in and check it’s cooking progress. If you will be gone to work, turn it on low and check on it when you get home. It should definitely be done by the time you get home. Make the rice closer to dinner time.

Beans and rice should be items everyone has in their pantry. There are so many unique rice recipes as well as bean recipes. You can add your own flavour and flare to them all.

Whole Chickens Will Take You the Distance

Typically, when you see whole chickens, you think it’s only for big holidays like Thanksgiving. People don’t really think of whole chickens as a weeknight kitchen staple.

We already know the types of meals we can make with chicken, but chicken can get expensive, depending on what part of the bird you buy, and how much you have to buy. One budget-friendly method I do is, buy a whole chicken, bake it, and pull all the meat off of it.

Once you pull all the meat off the bird, then you can get creative with your meals. You can turn that meat into all kinds of casseroles, quesadillas, and chicken salad sandwiches. With fall in the air, you can turn that chicken into dumplings and various forms of chicken soups and stews.

In knowing how much meat you can get from a whole chicken, you can actually share your meal recipes through a blog. Blogs are very helpful in getting information out to help others.

If creating a blog is something that interests you, then you’re the first step will need to be obtaining a domain. Your domain gives you all the freedom to customize your blog to your liking. With your own blog, you’ll be able to share your recipes and help other moms with large families eat good while on a budget.

Keep Calm, It’s a Pork Roast

I don’t know about you all, but my family loves pork. Pork is also one of those universal meats that you can make anything out of it.

A pork roast can be cooked in the oven or in my favourite, the crock-pot. I think I love the crock-pot so much because it allows me to work smart, not hard. I can throw whatever it is I’m cooking in the crock-pot, set a timer, and forget about it until its ready!

Anywho, I make my pork roast in the crockpot. Once your roast is done, you can shred it and turn it into all types of meals as well! The cool thing about shredding a pork roast is that it can transfer from summer to winter…it’s delicious at all times of the year, but it can be made differently depending on the season.

During the summer, You can shred your pork roast and pour barbecue sauce on it and have barbecue pulled pork sandwiches. In the winter, you can shred your pork and smother it with onions, mushrooms, and gravy. I just love how pork is so versatile to the seasons. Take your stab at it and see what kinds of recipes you can come up with!


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