Mum & Daughter time – Going for a hike!

The weather recently has been awesome, and the weekend just passed there I decided that my eldest girl and I would go for a walk up to the summit of our local Cave Hill if the weather played ball. Thankfully it did so we packed a picnic and off we went.

Ellie has always wanted to walk up to the infamous ‘Napoleons Nose’ summit and I finally got round to taking her. It has been a good 7+yrs since I’ve been up there myself which would explain why we ended up walking up the way I remember going down, and we went down the way I recall going up! Ha! Typical eh! But we had loads of fun all the same. I’ll just dump a load of photos on you guys {sorry about the quality as I just took my phone with me!}.
11158120_789995381085955_1649895173_n 11160543_789971727754987_442647263_n 11173444_789995327752627_1675166624_n
Because we were so close to the Zoo, Ellie was constantly pointing out the seagulls flying overhead {clearly waiting for the sea lions feeding time no doubt!}.
The scenery we were surrounded with was actually breathtaking. This area is only 2 miles up the road from where we live, so being so close to this place makes you feel very blessed. 
We took a photo of these two handsome chaps from a distance and before we knew it curiosity got the better of them and they trotted over to say hello.
11160268_789994961085997_658174397_n11119480_789995301085963_1485576713_n11160276_789995181085975_560671423_nEllie taking a moment to enjoy the view as Mummy caught her breathe! *wink*
Isn’t that view stunning!! So much green! #beautiful
11091195_789995127752647_16088624_nEllie thought it would be fun to have me snap a photo of her ‘appearing’ to pinch hold of the telephone tower in the distance. I think we pulled it off!
11156759_789995174419309_1149756305_nI’m in a photo….on my own, up on the hillside. Rare shot folks! Super Busy Mum in the wild and photographed by my gorgeous daughter. 
11156968_790130287739131_1958934897_nWe can see the summit! Huzzah!
11117806_790135251071968_744763934_n11160326_789995441085949_1822569556_nWe reached the top! Phew….now for lunch!
11127368_790131257739034_1906201691_n 11158030_790131301072363_210358760_nScrabo Tower in the distance there!
Now for the journey down towards home. We decided to head down the way we really should have came up. This way is very steep {but adventurous too!} So we had lots of fun {& dusty bums!}.11117464_789994811086012_179266872_n11103597_790131377739022_422811127_n11173457_789994807752679_320584442_nWe came to a fork in the road and even though to get to where we came in we had to go left, I asked Ellie which way she’d like to go and she chose right. Oh well, we set out for an adventure didn’t we!?
You never realise just how short you are until you see you’re little 29in legs in a full length photo!

So remember Ellie chose to go right? WELL….we got a little lost, went under fallen trees, jumped over some too and after an hour of trekking through forest we stumbled upon this…
Belfast Castle! Ha! Brilliant eh! I couldn’t believe we ended up walking so far that we ended up in the grounds of belfast Castle. So we got a seat in the garden and ordered ourselves a wee bun and a bottle of coke each. It was well deserved!
We had a glorious adventure together and we weren’t home two minutes before Ellie was asking to go up again! I can’t wait to make it a regular thing with my eldest girl.
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  1. Em @ snowingindoors
    22/04/2015 / 7:24 AM

    What gorgeous scenery, I always think that getting a little bit lost makes it much more of an adventure! It’s brilliant to see so many pictures of you too xx

  2. Steph @MisplacedBrit
    22/04/2015 / 7:51 AM

    These are such fantastic pictures and I’m just so genuinely impressed with you guys!! You totally got out there and climbed all the way up …Love it!
    I feel motivated and iNSPIRED 🙂

  3. 22/04/2015 / 8:24 AM

    wow, you certainly covered some distance, well done!! love the photo of the phone tower 🙂 #MMWBH

  4. Lucy @ bottlefor2
    22/04/2015 / 10:01 AM

    Looks like you had a great day. What a bonus to end up at the Castle! Looks gorgeous.

  5. 22/04/2015 / 10:33 AM

    I cannot wait to get back to the UK so we can go off hiking and walking in the countryside. There isn’t much countryside in the desert, and I hate sand…. so sand dune hiking freaks me out!

    Looks like a great day! x

  6. 22/04/2015 / 11:47 AM

    What a lovely hike! You are so lucky to have such beautiful scenery near you! And that castle? What a beautiful find! Thank you for sharing your adventures, Debs!

  7. 22/04/2015 / 4:42 PM

    What a gorgeous walk. I bet you had some right old chats with your little lady too – perfect for catching up with her in peace! I’m envious.

  8. 22/04/2015 / 7:20 PM

    Wow, that looks like such a a beautiful little trek, you’re so lucky to have somewhere so wonderful just on your doorstep! I love days like this – at the end of it, you’ve had great quality time and you really feel like you’ve achieved something (sometimes I definitely do not get that daily quota of productivity!) I am a wee bit jealous of your glorious day. 🙂 Ray xx

  9. 22/04/2015 / 7:26 PM

    Looks like a lovely walk – and you certainly had the weather for it. I love a good walk, always a good excuse to eat lots of cake afterwards (hope you had some in the picnic). #MMWBH

  10. Ashley Beolens
    22/04/2015 / 8:51 PM

    you took some great photos, and clearly had fun on your climb, I love a good nature hike and this looks like a great one.

  11. Becky | Spirited Puddle Jumper
    22/04/2015 / 9:06 PM

    Ah Debs you live in such a beautiful part of the world, I’m very envious! I can’t wait to do things like these when my two are older! x

  12. 22/04/2015 / 9:43 PM

    That made me giggle reading you walked it in reverse. Must’ve been lovely just the 2 of you. It’s encouraged me to spend some time with my teen if he’ll let me.

  13. 22/04/2015 / 11:19 PM

    Great hike, great views and good weather too – perfect! It’s lovely to be able to do this sort of thing with kids. Ours aren’t quite old enough to appreciate scenery yet sadly – they’d much rather sit and watch cars go by!

  14. 22/04/2015 / 11:27 PM

    WOW! Those views are amazing! You guys are brave going up those steps, but I can see it was worth it!
    Sabrina x

  15. 23/04/2015 / 10:31 AM

    Brilliant; I remember the last time I was in Belfast looking round the hills from the city centre and htinking the looked glorious. You pictures prove they are!

  16. ERFmama
    23/04/2015 / 1:13 PM

    What a lovely experience! And the photos are amazing. 😀
    Looks like you had a really good day out, I love the donkeys! haha


  17. tracey bowden
    24/04/2015 / 10:39 AM

    Looks like you both had a great day out and what a fabulous view #MMWBH

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