Money saving tips as a large family

Storing away spare pennies for that ‘rainy day’ is such an important ingredient for life and you don’t have to have a family of your own to see the benefits in saving. Saving money each week or month is in my opinion, a smart move especially if you have something that you really need or would like as a treat.

For example, the darling man and I saved up from just after Christmas 2015 until the end of June 2016 to give the children {and ourselves} a super fun-filled family holiday. It wasn’t easy and we had to make some cuts here & there {needs must when you need to save} but every single penny was 100% worth it because we all had an amazing time.

However, holidays are a luxury and there are so many other things that we need to save up for to help us provide for our children and our home such as; school uniforms, school trips, days out, new appliances {as they always break in 3’s don’t they!}, general house bills and so much more. Not to mention Christmas!! So, I thought I would put together just a few simple and handy tips on how we save to help us get through each year as a larger family.

Packed lunches: Dinner money for school can cost, on average, £2.50 per day per child. That’s £10 per day, per child if they wanted to have school dinners. Then the darling man would spend around £5 {sometimes more} per day on food for his break and lunches. So we try to save money by making everyone up packed lunches, which just don’t have to be cold sandwiches all the time, as you can incorporate warm meals {such as stews and pasta} into those lunches too.

Switch those lightbulbs: Energy saving is such a big deal and more so when we’re trying to lessen the household electric bill. So swap all of those light bulbs in the house for energy saving light bulbs and you will see the difference because we do.

Insulate your loft: This is actually something we have planned to do before this year’s Winter sets in, because having an insulated loft can save you up to £200 off our heating bill, per year. It is even a job that you can do yourself {just remember to wear goggles and gloves} and you’re saving money again by not having to have someone out to do it for you.

Use voucher codes: These can be little lifesavers in the world of saving money, especially when you have a child’s birthday coming up, or Christmas gifts to buy. Every little 10% or 25% discount helps, believe me. I love using voucher codes, such as ReVouchers or DealsDaddy vouchers – you can check out this website to find any that may suit you & your family.

Get points from your loyalty cards: I love using my store cards to collect points because through the year those points add up and they can really help you out with gifts needed for occasions etc. So collect those points and don’t let them go to waste.

And lastly….

Switch off those unused appliances: I am pretty bad at doing this which is why I am thankful that my partner is so good at doing it. Switching off those unused appliances will help save you money throughout the year. Appliances such as microwaves, computers, and TVs eat up lots of electric when left on standby, so just getting yourself into the habit of switching them off, will help you save those pennies. 

Do you have any little handy tips or tricks that you do to help you save money? If so, leave me a comment below as I’d love to hear them.

*This is a collaborative post with DealsDaddy.


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