Me and Mine Photography project in April

Me and mine in April
I realise that I’m a little late in sharing Aprils Me & Mine photography project post. I’ve been a super busy mum lately {super busy by name and super busy by nature!} without so much as time to take a wee in peace without something or someone requiring me for one thing or another. We all know what that’s like, right? So, yesterday afternoon, just has dinner was being dished out {because that’s the best time, right?} I huddled everyone together for a quick few clicks of the remote shutter in a faint hope to capture us as a family for our monthly Me and Mine project.

Needless to say, it was a bit of a fail. Our first attempts were spot on, perfect to share with you this month. However in the midst of my rush to get them taken so we could all have our dinner was scuppered when I realised afterwards that my manual settings were set for when we were outside. FAIL! So I reset my manual settings for inside and taking into consideration the light from the window and we were good to go…..again. 

Annabelle wasn’t bothered, Ellie was shattered as she wasn’t long back from camping with her Scout troop over the weekend, the darling man was mid-sorting dinner out {in reality he was probably wanting to strangle me, look how forced that smile of his is, lol! Wishing for it all to be over already!} and Jacob wasn’t quite in the mood either. Then there’s little old me in the middle of it all looking a little frazzled and flustered at my failing attempt to get a decent family monthly photo! In hindsight, it’s a pretty real photo!

Me and Mine April
It’s the same sort of style as last months me and mine, but do you know what! It’ll just have to do! Time was not on my side lately and my memory is so darn bad that I am forever doing this photo last minute. *gruff* I pledge an allegiance that my May Me and Mine photo WILL be on time and not from the living room floor! 😉 We’ll see how that plan pans out shall we!

D xx


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