Is Meditation all it’s cracked up to be?

We all know that one person who is so calm & collected in all situations. Nothing ever seems to get to them – my Husband is one of those people. And if I’m honest, I am not one of those people, I am a complete stress-head. My husband calls me ‘She-hulk’ & my kids have nicknamed me ‘the angry Dragon’. I think those nicknames speak for themselves.

I think some of the things I stress over, like; being late for an appointment or maybe not being on time to catch the next train shouldn’t be stressed over. As appointments can be rearranged and there will always be another train, but I do stress over those things. Massively so. Or perhaps the kids decide on a random night to not go to their beds when they are told {and your ‘me-time’ is calling for you!}. Queue the stress! 

I’m aware of my emotions and I am even more aware that I should try out something, like meditation, to help me relax. I mean, if anything I need to consider the strain I am putting on myself when I get stress. It’s not healthy and I would like to stay around long enough to go to the weddings of my future Grandchildren – thank you very much!

I have never tried meditation as a relaxation method before because hiding in the farthest corner of my kitchen {with cake} seems to have done the job up until now. However, more could be said for my poor wobbly hips! Aside from the over consumption of cake to reduce my stress levels I always wondered – Is meditation all it’s cracked up to be? I mean, does it actually work. Or perhaps it works better for some people than it does for others. Or perhaps meditation isn’t for you at all!

I’ve tried yoga and it wasn’t for me and I understand that taking five minutes to yourself to breathe and relax could also be seen as a form of meditation {minus all that spiritual fluff that’s attached to it!}. And even though finding time to relax can be a challenge, it can have great benefits too – such as mental and physically wellbeing. Always helpful.

So I guess I’m really not a big believer in yoga style meditation or sitting on a mountain top in a robe with my legs over my shoulders, but I am a believer in taking time out for yourself. Being kind to yourself. Making sure you get that 8hrs sleep a night in your big comfortable King size bed would give a great start to any day of the week. Knowing that as busy as we can be as parents, taking what little time we can {here & there} for ourselves, whether it’s to scream into a pillow, eat that second slice of chocolate cake or even to just sit, with our eyes closed and breathe for a little while – they all help.

Do you meditate? Do yoga? Or just take five minutes out when you can, like me? 

*This is a collaborative post.


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