Me & Mine in October {2016}

This month I finally made the time {and the effort} to get back involved with our monthly me and mine family photos. The last one we did was the Me & Mine in June and let’s face it, that was ages ago! I am a little sad that I never got a chance to have any photos together in July, August & September {do wedding ones count? I’m still waiting on those!} and I don’t really know what got in the way of us actually taking them. However, I think the rule of thumb lately has been blinking and *POOF* being slingshot into Autumn at a high speed.

But anyway, here we are with our October Me and Mine and can we just take a second to think how difficult it can be to get these monthly photos? On this regular Saturday, just after the rain finally decided to stop falling from the skies, we made the decision to go for a walk. It had been a relatively slow morning {never a bad thing} and the kids were starting to bicker. So on went our shoes and off we went.

However, the bickering continued and our three-year-old had a grumpy head on her since the Tuesday of the same week. That’s a long time to be grumpy, but she’s three, so we {as parents} just have to roll with it. So getting these photos took quite a few tries from unhappy 8-year-old boys to husbands who had quite a late night of gaming the night before and just wasn’t up for smiling {his wee face makes me chuckle}. So there was lots of bribery going on from {from me} to get those happy faces on! It was tough work, but we got there! haha!




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  1. 31/10/2016 / 11:46 PM

    Stunning shots, so glad you found the time to do them x

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