A Master bedroom Wish List

A little while ago, you may have seen on social media that I decided to have a big room switch with our girls. The girls needed a room that was a little warmer and us Parents needed a room that was a tiny bit bigger. Basically, we made a minute mistake when we chose our new bed and that was not taking into account the size of the frame. We found this out the hard way of course when the bed arrived, we assembled it and realised we were left with very little space around the rest of the bedroom. In fact, we had to physically squeeze ourselves passed a chest of drawers and after doing so for a few weeks, we’d had enough. So we switched bedrooms and now everything is good, however, we are left with a very blank canvas to work with and that makes me very excited.

First things first, the room needs painting! It’s a very light version of cream at the moment and I have this obsession with everything being crisp, fresh & white at the moment. So that will be project number one. Project number two will be painting our two chests of drawers white also {I’m obsessed, I told you so!} and then we can add in the little pieces that I have shared in a mood board for you guys to see!

I’m not much of an interior stylist, but I reckon these pieces to add to our bedroom will look pretty great!
Bedroom wishlist
Hummingbird Duvet set // Camera money box // Armchair // Letter ‘D’ cushion // Symbol ‘&’ cushion // Letter ‘S’ cushion // Stag Head ornament // Multiwick candle // Blush Blossom vase //

We have a real minimalist style in mind. Our bedroom before has always been the laundry dump or just somewhere for everyone else’s stuff to go until Mummy can put it away. Which is typical, right? But no more! This, once complete, will deem our bedroom a ‘dump-free-zone’ and I for one am excited. Our own little haven to relax after a busy day of either being out at work {the darling man} or being home with the kids {me!}. With hints of floral around the room, a fresh scent to fill the air and a complete sticky handed free zone {from the toddler!}.

Anyway my lovelies, that’s my weekly excitement reached. This is what my life has become! Excited about finishing off a well deserved pretty master bedroom for the darling man and me. See you next time!!

D xx

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  1. Clearlybex
    03/05/2016 / 7:10 PM

    I am LOVING that camera money box… Trip to the shops coming up!

  2. 04/05/2016 / 10:12 PM

    Good luck with the re-do! Look forward to seeing the results

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